Netflix’s Project Power Review: Entertaining but Needs More Imagination

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Project Power is a superhero movie directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback.

Big potential

Project Power follows Art and Robin as they try to find the source behind an intriguing, but sometimes deadly, new drug called Power. The drug brings out the best or worst in everyone, but you get to know it once you take it.

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This movie had such great potential. When it comes to superhero movies, you always see a permanent genetic mutation that changes you forever, for good or for bad. Project Power gives a nice new twist to the tale. Here, power comes to you in a capsule, lasts for 5 minutes, and what you get is an absolute surprise. It’s such an interesting concept.

project power

However, the movie goes down the same-old path of good guys vs bad guys and saving someone in the process. Was it entertaining? You betcha. But I can’t help but wonder what else the drug can do, why it has such varied effects, how it came to be in the first place, and basically want to know everything about it.

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That being said, the movie is extremely entertaining. That’s predominantly because of the stellar cast and the gorgeous effects. First of all, a shoutout to the film’s lead Dominique Fishback, who has done an excellent job as the very relatable Robin. She’s a good kid at heart, but life hasn’t been fair to her and she is thus forced to do a lot of things to make ends meet. So is Jamie Foxx. He’s great with Art. Foxx’s natural charisma, along with his acting, are stellar. Gordon-Levitt, however, has got the short end of the stick here. He doesn’t have much of a role, but it’s always great to see him on-screen.

Also, the cinematography of Project Power is great. Considering it’s a superhero movie, much of it is dependant on the special effects – which is does nicely. The colours are vibrant and it’s a treat for the eyes. Additionally, there are some great scenes that make it worth a watch. Special mention: there’s a scene where a woman slowly turns into a block of ice inside a reinforced contained while there’s a huge fight taking place outside. The scene is shot from the inside, and it’s such fun to watch. Same with the last fight sequence.

project power
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I would also like to mention here how cool the little capsule looks, and the way they show the changes that take place right after taking it is awesome. There’s a scene where a man, completely on fire, fights with Art. Although it’s nothing special, it’s great to watch. The movie is littered with such scenes though. As I said at first, there was a huge potential with Project Power that the makers completely missed out on. I can’t imagine how much I would’ve enjoyed it had they delved deeper with the story, along with the cinematic bravado.

However, as I also said above, this movie underutilises its potential. First of all, the changes that take place in the person is a surprise. And when that’s the case, you expect much more imaginative changes – not just the ability to manipulate fire. The only one very cool power was someone who became invisible (or had camouflage abilities). But other than that, it’s mostly fire, ice and… Hulk. Truly lost potential. Additionally, the villains are just terrible.

Summing up: Project Power

project power

Project Power really, truly, had so much it could’ve done. However, even with it’s not so imaginative story and powers, it managed to thoroughly entertain me. The core concept is great and it makes for an intriguing watch. Additionally, Fishback’s funny as heck and it was great to watch her on-screen.

Project Power is streaming on Netflix.

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Project Power, starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback, is a highly entertaining movie, even though it doesn't delve deep enough into the interesting concept that it has created.
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