Netflix’s Pretty Smart Review: A Friendship Mixed Tape

From the creators of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and How I Met Your Mother Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, Pretty Smart is Netflix’s newest sitcom release with all the right punch lines and emotional triggers to leave the audience mushy with a teary smile. The show stars an incredible cast that includes Emily Osment as Chelsea, who we might remember as Lily from every teen’s obsession show Hannah Montana, alongside Filthy Rich’s Olivia Macklin as Claire, Wizards of Waverly Place’s Gregg Sulkin as Grant, Cinthya Carmona as Solana and, Michael Hsu Rosen as Jayden. There are 10 episodes in the series, each ranging from about 20 to 25 minutes long like every other sitcom.

– Netflix’s Pretty Smart review does not contain spoilers –

Pretty Smart: Blooming Relationships

Pretty Smart begins with Chelsea moving to L.A. to stay with her sister, Claire, and her roommates, Grant, Jayden and Solona. It does not take the audience a minute to understand how different the sisters are: on one hand, Claire is a sweet, adorable, naive girl, whereas Chelsea is a driven academic who finds it troubling to fit in with her sister and the group. And, soon when she realizes that her temporary moving in is rather going to be a long-term stay, we see Chelsea doing everything on her part to finally start bonding with the group.

The show values the little nooks and crooks of friendships and denounces the age-old idiom of “birds of the same feather flock together.” All the characters not only belong to different segments of society, but they also have very much less in common. An instance is Jayden who is gay, takes Claire to a party dedicated to the members of the LGBTQ+ community and he finds it hard to constantly explain her gay puns, as she is a cisgender heterosexual. However, irrespective of these differences Claire educates herself as much as possible and understands where Jayden is coming from, only to end the entire episode in a ball of love.

Another similar instance is the time when the group finds out Solona is re-practising law instead of healing and respects her decision. Pretty Smart revolves around these nuances of everyday life and the ever-evolving friendship amidst the group. It is definitely, a good show that both adults and teens would find relatable.

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Along with blooming friendships, the show also offers us a perspective on Sisterhood and Love. Both Chelsea and Claire, throughout the series grow closer to each other as they put the past that distanced them behind. There are also sparks of love in both the sisters’ life and how they both have dating patterns they want to break out of to have a healthy, valuable relationship.

With all the good vibes that Pretty Smart offers, it lets us down with a cliffhanger episode where we are yet to see Chelsea confront Claire with the truth about the man they both seemed to have fallen in love with, unknown to one another, of course. However, this ending keeps the audience hopeful that maybe, a season two will emerge to give us more of the mixed bag group, their dynamics and some revelations that are going to be heart-rendering.

Pretty Smart: Final Verdict

Pretty Smart gives off the perfect aura to become something that is a crossbreed between New Girl and Two Broke Girls, with a hint of sass from other classic teen TV shows. It is fun, light and an easy watch that you can rely on to turn your bad days into nice ones.

You can watch Pretty Smart streaming now on Netflix.

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Pretty Smart on Netflix gives a nice dose of friendship, love and laughter.


  1. 3.5 stars? Who paid you to rate it that high? Seriously. I’m not sure it even deserves 0.35 stars, it’s so awful. Cancellation odds: 100%.

  2. wow a tv show with the girl from hannah montana woohhoo, i remember she was hot hot hot, and now she dress like my 50 years old mom, to the guy whos not wearing sweater please cover up, gay guy could you act more gay like wear a skirt or dress sometimes or femini colorfull clothes with a wig, the other girls ok i guess, the dark skin indian and blonde princess ones , black bar guy is the funny one in this show,
    anyway two broke girl and new girl were they actully not only saying funny stuff but also did funny stuff, they actully move then they speak or running, and they all had cool young awesome clothes,
    i used 20 minutes on three episodes, fast forward alot, most of the talking was a waste of time, i dont think i getting too eps 5 at all, il try later then, i would rather see the cartoons: WINX or MY LITTLE PONY than this.

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Pretty Smart on Netflix gives a nice dose of friendship, love and laughter.Netflix's Pretty Smart Review: A Friendship Mixed Tape