Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black Review: The Dark Side

Pacific Rim: The Black premiered on 5th March 2021 on Netflix. The American adult animated streaming television series is based on the Pacific Rim franchise introduced in 2012. Developed and co-written by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle, the series is directed by Masayuki Uemoto, Susumu Sugai, and Takeshi Iwata.

Kaiju’s Are Here

Pacific Rim: The Black, through its 7 episodes, takes us into the lives of siblings Hayley and Taylor who lost their parents, Ford and Brina, at a young age. After their parent’s loss, the siblings find themselves struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is run over by Kaiju’s, giant monsters who rampage across Australia. 5 years later, Haylor and Taylor come across a ruined Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) facility underground. There, an abandoned Jaeger named Atlas Destroyer sits in the ruins. Thereafter, both Hayley and Taylor try to pilot the Jaeger across the black, desolate, ruined, and barren land of Australia in the hope of survival and finding their parents once and for all.

Pacific Rim: The Black is a well-made take on the 2013 film that acquainted us with the entire Kaiju vs Human idea. The series adapts its source material in a way that keeps the viewers engaged throughout. While the series takes a slow start initially, it picks up its pace and gives us characters to look out for from the start. Taylor here is a teenager who surprisingly doesn’t wreck your nerves with his teenage angst. Throughout its 7-episodes there is coherence and easy flow of ideas and fears.

Pacific Rim: The Black

In terms of animation, the series is thrilling and well done. While there are some hooks that come across as seen before and lowkey repetitive, the series, in its entirety, is gritty and engaging with the idea of havoc and wreck which feels natural and not made up. A big part of this credits to the voice-over cast that doesn’t let the series or the characters drop at any point.

As the series reaches its end we witness a knock-down, all-power Kaiju combat come to an abrupt end as the assailant falls to his supposed death from the top of the cliff. Leading Hayley to discover the bodies of others, amid more rubble, as she blames herself for their deaths and this destruction. The siblings then enjoy a brief minute of silence from their Jaeger cabin, Taylor vows that they’re going to find their parents, and they’re going to get out of this painful existence.

Stream It or Skip It

Pacific Rim: The Black

STREAM IT! Pacific Rim: The Black is 7-episodes long with each episode of about 30 minutes and it does pull off its idea, instilling thrill in the viewers and leaving them wanting for more. The 2013 instalment of Pacific Rim disappointed viewers but the franchise has made up for the same in 2021 and that too in an engaging way. The anime takes its source material and provides it depth, emotions, and more fear making it one good watch with a few flaws here and there.

Pacific Rim: The Black is streaming now on Netflix.

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Pacific Rim: The Black brings the 2013 Pacific Rim franchise back with a blast in anime form!

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