Netflix’s New World (Ep 5-6) Review: Real Estate and Surveillance Problems!

The new episodes of Netflix’s New World have more shenanigans hidden than we can anticipate! Created by Cho Hyo-jin and produced by Company SangSang, the show revolves around six celebrity personalities on a utopian, isolated island where they are tasked with the day to day activities filled with fun for a winner to emerge by the end. The celebrities include Heechul, Eun Ji-won, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Seung-gi, Park Na-rae and Kim Jong-in aka Kai who live on the island for six days. With weekly two episodic releases, Netflix has already aired four episodes by now. The episodes are more than an hour-long with Korean audio with English subtitles.

– Netflix’s New World (Ep 5-6) review does not contain spoilers –

New World: What happens in Episode 5 & Episode 6?

As per the last episodes, we saw someone did win the meteorite task but AI Holo did not explicitly reveal the name. Instead, our islanders were put on the task of getting rich through the treacherous real estate business. Episode 5 of New World begins on Day 3, where we find our celebrities visiting their properties. We see Heechul find a magical pearl by his property and Bo-ah is now the owner of the supermarket. Meanwhile, Na-rae is really worked up about her properties and their prices as she begins to get real (panic) in the game. By the end of the fourth day, the celebrities visit the bank where they get to evaluate their success.

The audience also gets to know who delivered the meteorite making that person receive the designated amount of nyangs in their account. In episode 4 we discover the staff members, who also happen to be the resident of New World gone as everything from the celebs regular Bistro to the Bank is closed, leaving only AI Holo behind. Later, even AI Holo loses its battery declaring the New World Holiday and marking a strange incident of the island’s surveillance cameras failure due to an unknown error, leaving the participants truly isolated and stranded on the island.

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The new task offered to our celebrities at hand is to reset the CCTV networks, to keep their bank accounts safe. If they are not reset on time, one of the three poorest members might just get their account switched. Well, good for Heechul, if not anyone else, right? Divided into two teams, the contestants set out to finish the task at hand. By the end of the CCTV camera restoration race, there are surprising winners as well as losers revealed, that we never saw coming.

New World (Ep 5-6): Final Thoughts

The tasks in New World are getting real into the heads of the celebrities. It was amazing to see Kai strategize and Na-rae freak out during respective games. Bo-ah diligent work can possibly make her a winner as we approach the end final two episodes of the show. Meanwhile, Seung-gi also seems like a potential candidate who could take home big prize money.

You can watch the two new episodes of New World now on Netflix. To read the review of the first four episodic releases, click here. We also recommend you to read: Netflix’s New World: Get to Know the Celebrity Cast of the Korean Reality-TV! for knowing the show’s participants better.


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