Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 9 Recap: I Know It’s Over. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 9 is titled I Know It’s Over. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 9 recap

– Nevertheless episode 9 recap contains major spoilers (and me fangirling for Song Kang) –

Nevertheless episode 9’s Netflix description reads:

Afraid to lose Na-bi, Do-hyeok shows up in front of her building — only to see Jae-eon by her side. Sol allays Ji-wan’s fears about their relationship.

Nevertheless episode 9 starts at a bar. Jae-eon and Na-bi, specifically, are at a bar. Jae-eon isn’t happy that Na-bi is constantly texting and asks her whether she likes Do-hyeok. She says that she does, he’s a good guy, a good cook and is considerate. She further adds that she feels comfortable with him. He then asks her why she isn’t dating him, but she doesn’t reply back.

He then asks her, what about me? And the two stare at each other.

On the other hand in Nevertheless episode 9, Do-hyeok’s friends want him to be a bit bolder and tell Na-bi his feelings. However, he is apprehensive because he does not want to lose her due to his rash decisions.

Anyway, when it’s time to leave, Jae-eon goes over to Na-bi’s place to get his stuff from her home. At the same time, Do-hyeok, too, goes up to her place to give her a letter. Jae-eon sees Do-hyeok, but doesn’t tell Na-bi anything and obviously, Do-hyeok thinks the worst.

As they pack his stuff up, Jae-eon looks at the butterfly suncatcher and thinks back to the time they had spent together. Jae-eon doesn’t know how else to emote his feelings (or maybe that’s manipulation) and thus asks her whether she has a late birthday gift for him. Taking advantage of this, he leans in for a kiss but she rebuffs him.

However, after she gets up and moves away, he follows her and holds her. He asks her, looking into her eyes, whether she thinks this is a mistake. She says that she does, but he knows she’s lying. He tells Na-bi that it’s not a mistake for him. He tells her that he likes her angry face and hanging out with her, but Na-bi keeps asking him in Nevertheless episode 9 whether he’s joking.

And then, out of the blue, piercing my heart as well as melting it with signature Song Kang voice, Jae-eon asks Na-bi to go out with him. Yes, I died a little. Anyway, he asks her to think about it before telling him, and then leaves. The sincerity in his voice is evident and it’s also evident that he’s very serious.

Nevertheless episode 9

Later that night, Na-bi holds the butterfly suncatcher in her hand, deep in thought. Meanwhile, Jae-eon thinks back on his rare show of emotion with Na-bi. He then pulls out Na-bi’s drawing book from the pile he got from her home. As she’s sitting there, she sees Do-hyeok’s text and tells him that he wants to meet him later if it’s not urgent. Do-hyeok is heartbroken.

The next day at school, Na-bi asks Sol what it means when someone asks someone to go out with them without saying that they like them. Sol says that it’s either one of the two – they’re assholes, or they think that it is so obvious that they like them that they don’t find it necessary to mention. This further confuses Na-bi because, well, it can go both ways with Jae-eon!

Jae-eon is next seen in Nevertheless episode 9 making a pretty butterfly pendant, probably for Na-bi? However, Na-bi gets a scathing scolding from her professor who is unhappy with her work. She tells her that she knows that Na-bi can do better, but is unable to project her emotions on her work. Her teacher then tells her that she expected her to work with Jae-eon and learn each other’s strong points to bring forth something that moves people. Na-bi promises to do better but looks heartbroken.

Do-hyeok, meanwhile, in Nevertheless episode 9, is looking back at Na-bi’s videos and feeling sadder than before. That’s when he gets texts from Na-bi. The latter, who is sitting at school wondering what to do with her work, calls him. And Jae-eon listens to her talking to him and realises that she’s drifting away from him.

Later that day, as school gets over, Jae-eon tells Na-bi that he’ll drop her home. In the car in front of her house, he gives her the pendant that he added to a bracelet. Na-bi is happy with getting it and accepts it but says nothing further to him. I guess, Jae-eon was expecting her to say something about his proposal last night, but that doesn’t come around.

Nevertheless episode 9

However, the next day in Nevertheless episode 9, Do-hyeok sees Jae-eon with Seol-a. The two are there to meet each other for the last time since Seol-a makes it clear to him that she won’t meet him anymore. He’s hurt but doesn’t seem to be too bothered.

Na-bi goes off to meet Do-hyeok who’s back in town. Jae-eon is a bit heartbroken about it, but well, what can you do. They talk about different things and then he tells her that he saw her and Jae-eon go to her house. He tells her in Nevertheless episode 9 that he can’t wait for her anymore and that Jae-eon doesn’t probably like her sincerely.

However, Na-bi comes home to find a drunk Jae-eon sitting outside her home. He’s angry that she was out with Do-hyeok, questioning her about it. However, he royally screws his case when he forcefully holds her hand and asks her whether Do-hyeok still likes her after seeing them entering her apartment together.

Na-bi is, obviously, shocked and asks him whether he knew. He arrogantly tells her that he did and that he looked like he was going to burst into tears. Shit hits the fan as both of them accuse the other of screwing them over. In the end, she says that she regrets their relationship and never wants to see him again. Jae-eon stands in the rain as Na-bi leaves him. The scene cuts to black as Jae-eon says that he has lost Na-bi for good.

Additionally, Sol and Ji-wan, and Gyu-hyuk and Bit-na give us a ray of sunshine. They are coupes now!

Nevertheless episode 9

And Nevertheless episode 9 breaks my heart just how You Are My Spring did and I am not ready for this. Although, yes, it was too good to be true, I acknowledge it and I am ashamed for rooting for the human red flag. But well. With one more episode left, I am truly scared to see where this series goes because the preview is not nice and I am left with a broken heart. ☹

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 9 delivers a heartbreaking moment for both Na-bi and Jae-eon. Should we still hold on to hope?


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Nevertheless episode 9 delivers a heartbreaking moment for both Na-bi and Jae-eon. Should we still hold on to hope?Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 9 Recap: I Know It's Over. Nevertheless,