Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 8 Recap: I Know It’s a Lie. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 8 is titled I Know It’s a Lie. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 8 recap

– Nevertheless episode 8 recap contains major spoilers! –

Nevertheless episode 8’s Netflix description reads:

Do-hyeok surprises his childhood crush with a sweet confession. Na-bi visits a gallery with Jae-eon. Yun Sol gets honest about her feelings for Seo Ji-wan.

Nevertheless episode 8 starts with fireworks at the beach. Do-hyeok realises that Na-bi and Jae-eon are both not there at the beach, and seems to rush to find them. Meanwhile, we are back to watching the two “lovebirds” making out. It’s an extension of the last episode and I swear to you, Song Kang’s heavy voice is enough to give me butterflies.

Anyway, Jae-eon asks her whether she’s ok with what they are doing since he won’t be able to stop. Na-bi leaves at this and meets Do-hyeok who volunteers to drop her at home. While walking down the road, he gives her a bouquet of flowers, more or less telling her his feelings. Unfortunately, Na-bi tells him in Nevertheless episode 8 that the timing is absolutely wrong and she cannot get into a relationship right now.

Do-hyeok, however, being the romantic that he is, says that he isn’t disappointed in her and is ready to be hurt by her. He also says that he won’t force anything. He offers a hug to ease her pain, but she turns him down – she’ll feel even more guilty.

As she’s sitting alone, she wonders about her feelings and why she cried – she feels pathetic. Meanwhile, Jae-eon and Do-hyeok face-off against each other. Ok, no one is up in arms, but verbally. They both tell each other to mind their own business essentially – a pissing contest. Jae-eon’s confidence is something to see in this scene, he just smiles and leaves.

The next day in Nevertheless episode 8, Na-bi sees Jae-eon’s car parked outside her house and is shocked. She comes out and sees him with his aunt, learning pottery. Her aunt asks him to join them for breakfast, and although she doesn’t want him to, she has no other choice when he agrees. Anyway, Na-bi tells Jae-eon that last night was a mistake and tells him to mind his own business when he asks her about her relationship with Do-hyeok. Jae-eon leaves after that, saying that she has seriously hurt him.

Next, in Nevertheless episode 8, Na-bi gets ready to go home. As she’s waiting on the bus, Do-hyeok comes to meet her and gives her something to eat. They say their goodbyes and just as the bus is about to leave, he tells her that he won’t give up on her that easily. This confuses and shocks Na-bi, who is now essentially in the midst of an awkward love triangle.

Meanwhile, back at school, Jae-eon is thinking about their interaction over the weekend with Na-bi. He seems to be sad about it? Na-bi, too, seems pensive as she reaches home and sees the butterfly suncatcher. That night, she too thinks about her interaction with Jae-eon and is about to shoot a text to him saying that she’ll throw his stuff out when Do-hyeok calls.

Her discussion with Na-bi is quite vanilla where they talk about food and stuff. The next day at school in Nevertheless episode 8, Na-bi sees Jae-eon talking about his work with some foreigners. She learns that some people from VCU are trying to scout him. Anyway, as Jae-eon comes to talk to Na-bi, he reminds her of the gallery that they were supposed to visit.

They do end up visiting the gallery together in Nevertheless episode 8, and Jae-eon is all touchy-feely. He opens up a little about his mother and they also talk about how he fell in love at first sight at that gallery. Yes. Yes, people. He’s talking about the first scene of this series. That’s when he had seen her. He says that if he believed in fate, this would’ve been it for him. But, he doesn’t believe in fate… so…

Nevertheless episode 8

The next day, Jae-eon is roped in to be the model of Na-bi’s art class. At least he’s clothed, you know. It could’ve been worse. I guess? After class is over, Do-hyeok is there at her school and they have lunch together. Jae-eon looks at them and seems hurt. I think that Nevertheless episode 8 has come to a point where maybe Jae-eon isn’t a bad person, he’s just unable to express himself that great, maybe because of his mother (all speculation, of course).

Anyway, Do-hyeok goes to see her work and compliments her a lot. It’s clear he’s head-over-heels for her, but I don’t know, it just comes off as forceful. Or maybe I like toxic men a bit too much. Either way, as she’s going back to class, she receives news that she wasn’t selected for the exchange programme. She’s obviously crushed about it.

As Do-hyeok goes to meet his old work buddies, Na-bi stands at the alley where she made out with Jae-eon once. Jae-eon calls her right then, but she doesn’t pick up… until he comes up behind her. She’s shocked to see him and after briefly looking at each other, he asks her whether she’d like to see butterflies as the scene cuts to black.

Additional things that have happened in Nevertheless episode 8 – Sol confesses her feelings for Ji-wan and Bit-na’s breakup with Gyu-hyun is affecting her badly, although she’d like to think otherwise.

Nevertheless episode 8

Nevertheless episode 8 is a pretty strong episode and the love triangle is only getting better at pushing our buttons. The relationships can go any which way and we all know what I want here. The other storylines are also getting more depth so it’s not just an annoyance anymore; instead, you’re invested in their relationships as well. I am interested to see the next episode stat since the preview shows something interesting is on the way. Additionally, there’s only two more left so there’s going to be a lot packed in them.

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 8 keeps you at the edge of your seat and is going in a direction that requires at least two episodes over the weekend.

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Nevertheless episode 8 keeps you at the edge of your seat and is going in a direction that requires at least two episodes over the weekend.Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 8 Recap: I Know It's a Lie. Nevertheless,