Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 5 Recap: I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 5 is titled I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 5 recap

– Nevertheless episode 5 recap contains major spoilers! –

Nevertheless episode 5’s Netflix description reads:

Sick of Jae-eon’s ways, Na-bi ends things with him. Oh Bit-na makes a drunken confession. Yun Seol-a approaches Na-bi on campus.

Neverthless episode 5 starts with Jae-eon listening in on a conversation between two other girls – they are talking about his relationship with Na-bi. Particularly, one of them feels like Na-bi deserves better since Jae-eon is not sincere about anyone anyway. This seems to make Jae-eon a bit sad, but honestly, at this point, I don’t even know.

So, remember the last episode where someone beat the shit out of Jae-eon while he was talking to Na-bi? Yep, we jump there now and it’s a mess with the guy asking Jae-eon why he did it. They go to the police station where Na-bi gets to know that Jae-eon was dating that guy’s sister who was already taken. The guy also tells Na-bi to steer clear of Jae-eon before leaving.

They have a conversation about their relationship at a park where Na-bi asks him what they are. Jae-eon tries to play it as if it’s on her since she was cool about it from the start. However, Na-bi is having none of his shit today and lays it down straight for him. She tells him that they should end it and Jae-eon also agrees, since she’s the one “who gets to decide.” I mean, I really like Jae-eon (or, Song Kang), but holy shit.

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Anyway, Na-bi is heartbroken, obviously, in Nevertheless episode 5 and she tries to throw away his gift, but well, she can’t. The next day in Nevertheless episode 5, all of her classmates are talking about Jae-eon’s fight and Na-bi. When Na-bi comes in, they ask her about it, but she tells them not to involve her in all of this.

Sitting at home having dinner, Na-bi can’t help but think back to when times were good with Jae-eon and about her breakup. She looks at the butterfly that Jae-eon gifted her and it, too, makes her sad and angry. However, while leaving her apartment, she sees a package outside her door. It’s the jewellery that she was wearing on the day of the fight – she had lost them outside and now Jae-eon has given them back to her. She tries to call him but finds out that he has changed his number.

At home, Jae-eon seems to be upset and torn as well in Nevertheless episode 5. The breakup and the beating seem to have had an effect on him. But we don’t really delve into it too much yet. The next day though, he thinks about what Na-bi had said regarding keeping his hair down. So cute!

However, a chance meeting between the two at the staircase makes it a bit awkward. Well, she tells him that she wants to return the necklace. However, he tells her to throw it away in that case. In the midst of this, Seol-a calls him and Na-bi sees the caller id and walks away in a huff.

Seol-a is in the hospital for some illness where she asks him whether something is wrong – he has changed his number and hairstyle. He says that he is sick of himself, which confuses Seol-a. Meanwhile, Na-bi is hanging out with Yang Do-hyeok. They have a nice conversation about art and food and he gifts her a lipstick. He is so totally in love with her, it’s right on his face.

Jae-eon then comes to meet Na-bi in school in Nevertheless episode 5. He seems to be much more casual than before, asking her how long she will ignore him. The previous feelings of anger and sadness seem to be gone and he’s much more flirty. He wishes her the best of luck for the presentation and then leaves.

When it comes time to pick assistants for making the sculptures, Jae-eon is the only person who puts up his hand when Na-bi’s turn comes up. Everyone is shocked and giggling and Na-bi is quite shocked as well. However, it gets a little awkward when a third guy, Jin-su, joins them.

Nevertheless episode 5

As Na-bi and her new team go out to check out a metalworking studio, Seol-a is waiting for Jae-eon. So, essentially, he is standing one girl up for another… again! As Jin-su runs a bit late, Jae-eon and Na-bi spend time together at the empty studio. Jae-eon apologises to Na-bi about the police station incident and tells her that she was correct to draw the line. He promises to change bit by bit and Na-bi tells him that she will root for him. Seol-a, meanwhile, looks pissed.

Jae-eon then teaches Na-bi how to work with metal. It’s like old times, but less flirty. Well, it’s kinda clear in Nevertheless episode 5 that Na-bi still likes Jae-eon. As Na-bi leaves, he gives her his new number and then sees Seol-a’s missed calls. Well, Seol-a is waiting just outside the studio and sees Na-bi leaving and she doesn’t look pleased at all.

Na-bi goes back to school and starts working on her art piece. Jae-eon’s words still ringing in her mind – he likes her pieces, especially this one – it seems to push her to do better. The professor thinks so too the next day and it’s a relief for Na-bi. Her friendship with Jae-eon seems to be working wonders for her mental health, as she has better ideas for her work and is able to give it her all. But you know that it’s not gonna last long – oh, Na-bi, when will you learn?!

Nevertheless episode 5

The next day in Nevertheless episode 5, Seol-a meets Na-bi and they have a superficial conversation about Jae-eon. Na-bi just cannot stop herself from asking her what her relationship with him is. Seol-a says that they used to date and are now seeing each other again. Na-bi is a bit upset, visibly. Seol-a then asks her whether she’s really just friends with Jae-eon. Na-bi says that they are.

However, before leaving, Na-bi tells her to keep her hair the way that it is (in reply to a conversation Seol-a was having with Jae-eon over the phone) because Jae-eon likes having sex with the hair tied. Mic drop.

Nevertheless episode 5 is pretty much a filler kind of episode with only a few moments that add value to the overall plot. There were a lot of time spent behind Bit-na and Ji-wan. It wasn’t unnecessary, but they feel like side-plots that got too much attention to pad the runtime. Either way, I liked how the episode ends and the next episode promises some more drama. Also, Jae-eon is just a different level of toxic!

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 5 is pretty much a filler episode with only a few moments that add value to the overall plot. However, I am here for the drama and the mic drop moment at the end.

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Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 5 Recap: I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless,Nevertheless episode 5 is pretty much a filler episode with only a few moments that add value to the overall plot. However, I am here for the drama and the mic drop moment at the end.