Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 2 Recap: It’s Not Only Me. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 2 is titled It’s Not Only Me. Nevertheless,

Netflix’s description for the series reads, “The intoxicating charm of a flirtatious art school classmate pulls a reluctant love cynic into a friends-with benefits relationship.”

Nevertheless Episode 2 Recap

Picking up from last week, as Na-bi and Jae-eon are about to kiss, he gets a phone call from Kwon Yeo-ju. Jae-eon tells her that he cannot go out with her today, but promises to do so the next day. After he leaves, Na-bi, smiling, saves his number in her phone.

Later, while she talks to Bit-na about her interaction with Jeo-eon in Nevertheless episode 2, Bit-na tells her that he is not the dating type. He always stops right before things start to get serious. Na-bi is a little taken aback by it. Bit-na tells her that all of Jae-eon’s moves are extremely calculated.

Na-bi tells her that she will not fall for him easily, since she is aware that something is off about him. However, Bit-na interjects and says that everyone says that until he shows a little bit of sincerity. When that happens, women always put their guard down. Which, if anyone has been stupid in love will know is extremely true. So, points to Bit-na for keeping it real in Nevertheless episode 2.

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When Jeo-eon joins them at the cafeteria, he asks for another wish from Na-bi. She agrees, but tells him not to make it weird. They end up at a club in Nevertheless episode 2 which Na-bi clearly hates. Jeo-eon sees her closing her ears and smiles from afar, while getting their drinks. Na-bi wants to go home since she can’t hear anything and Jae-eon whispers something in her ear. That seems to do the trick and Na-bi stars to enjoy her time a little more.

It’s in this scene and the voiceover that comes with it that you can clearly understand how much Na-bi really likes Jae-eon. However, remember that we literally know nothing about this guy. He could be a serial killer for all we know. Anyway, when Na-bi comes out of the bathroom, Jae-eon tells her that he’s smoking outside. When she goes to him, another woman approaches him and asks him whether he wants to join her and her friends. However, Jae-eon goes to Na-bi and tells her that he’s with her.

However, Na-bi feels a little anxious when she sees the same butterfly drawing on the other woman’s arm that Jae-eon had drawn on her. When the girl invites them both to hang out with her, Na-bi declines but tells Jae-eon to go ahead. However, he asks her to leave, rather rudely, and decides to drop Na-bi home. While walking, he asks her why she tried to ditch him. Na-bi lays it out for him and he portrays the girl as obsessed and delusional. Those are red flags!!!

Anyway, the next day, while sleeping at home, Na-bi dreams of something very racy with Jae-eon. And for fans, they’re going to get quite the shows. Whew! However, before climaxing (I had to), she’s awoken by Jae-eon’s call to her. She then needs to rush to her class in Nevertheless episode 2 since she overslept and discovers she has a pimple… and that Jae-eon is in that class with her. It’s funny how she tries to hide the acne from him.

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As she tries to hide her face from Jae-eon in Nevertheless episode 2, Sol is asked out by Jung Ju-hyeok, the guy she bumped into in the last episode. As Na-bi is presenting, she sees Jae-eon come into the class and he acts a bit cold. And it is then that she realises that she got her period. Obviously, she feels awkward and later, Jae-eon gives her his hoodie to tie around her waist.

Both of their respective friends ask them whether something is going on between the two. While Jae-eon confusedly asks his friends whether they looked like they were close, Na-bi tells Bit-na that she refuses to push someone away who is nice to her. Bit-na, again, reminds her that Jae-eon is nice to everyone and that the things that might be special to her might be meaningless to him.

Later, in Nevertheless episode 2, Na-bi and the gang go out to drink. While there, everyone is a little taken aback by Min-sang’s comments about women. As he keeps making odd comments, Na-bi gets up to go talk to Jae-eon, and is stunned when he gives her a lime drink – something that she said she liked back at the club. Na-bi is obviously happy that he remembered that random comment about her.

When Min-sang again comes back and stars harassing Na-bi and Jae-eon about whether they are together or not, Jae-eon tells him that they aren’t, something that Na-bi is kind of hurt about. As she sulks in the bathroom, Bit-na tells her that although Jae-eon is kind of a player, he seems different around her. On the other hand, in Nevertheless episode 2, Min-sang is shit talking about Na-bi to Jae-eon. However, the latter tells him to not say anything about someone which they can’t say to their faces. Also, it’s pathetic that he’s saying these things about her because he can’t get her. Min-sang calls him an a-hole and leaves.

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nevertheless episode 2
Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 2 Recap: It's Not Only Me. Nevertheless, 10

Later in Nevertheless episode 2, everyone goes to Na-bi’s house to drink. During the spinning game, things get a bit heated and the neighbours come over to complain about the noise. Jae-eon saves the day by being his charming self and then the bottle lands on him and Na-bi. They, however, don’t kiss and choose to drink instead.

When everyone goes outside to smoke, Jae-eon seems to be missing, along with another girl from the group. Na-bi comes across them by chance and they seem to be in a compromising position. Of course, that upsets her. He tells her that it was a game and that she wanted to try it, as if he had to interest in it whatsoever. He tries to go in for a kiss, but Na-bi stops him… only to kiss him herself, opening the gates of hell (according to her).

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 2 has more confusion in store for our protagonist, and Jae-eon's actions don't help!

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