Netflix’s Nailed It Season 6 Review: Absolutely Hilarious

Nailed It! just came out with the sixth season of the reality TV show with a twist. The series is hosted by Nicole Byer with Jacques Torres as the judge. They are joined by a new celebrity guest from different fields in every episode. Nailed It season 6 has 6 episodes, each around 30 minutes long.

Netflix describes it as:

Home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It’s part reality contest, part hot mess.

– Nailed It season 6 review does not contain spoilers –

Man, Nailed It always puts a smile on my face. And, that’s saying Nailed It season 6 really isn’t trying to do anything new, after six seasons. However, every minute of every season is rife with hilariosity from the presenters and the contestants.

The first episode of Nailed It season 6 is wild. The three contestants are absolutely precious, as Jacques says, and the cookie-making round just paves the way for what to expect from this show. It’s hilarious.

I think that’s the point of Nailed It in general – the series is just so homey, happy and positive that you’d want to see the same thing with different contestants over and over again. Of course, the themes are different, but the premise and the rounds are the same.

However, it doesn’t matter. Nailed It season 6 is heartwarming and fun to watch. These contestants don’t even try, but that’s fine because all of them take the jokes on their horrifying creations in their stride. No hard feelings or anger here. If anything, some of the contestants even crack a few jokes on their incapability to dish out a good sweet dish.

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That being said, this season some of the episodes of Nailed It season 6 have some extreme contestants – some are absolutely horrendous and others are more or less good. Well, at least their cakes look somewhat similar and that’s saying something in this show!

But do you know the highlight of Nailed It? Wes. Wes is the highlight of the show and he’s so hilarious even though he just pops in every now and then. Poor thing is just put in the most awkward positions but he’s still here, you know? Poor thing was in a Loch Ness monster outfit at one point and with a tail in another.

Summing up: Nailed It season 6

Bringing us a constant stream of happiness, jokes and warmth, Nailed It season 6 is absolutely hilarious and brings in some good-looking dishes and their Frankenstein counterpart. Always a great watch to destress over.

Nailed It! Season 6 is streaming on Netflix.

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Nailed It season 6 just keeps on giving and it's a hilarious mess of ungodly cakes. I love it.

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