Netflix’s Mine Episode 9 Recap: A Toast to the Devil

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 9 is titled A Toast to the Devil.

Mine episode 9 recap

Mine episode 9 starts off where it left off – a look at Hi-soo, all bloodied and lying on the floor, looking at Ji-yong (who turns out to be the other person), who is seemingly dead.

However, when we see Ji-yong in the present, crying in his car, it is revealed that he actually isn’t Han Suk-chul’s son. The latter had told his mother to tell everyone that he was because she became pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Also, back to that awkward encounter between Hi-soo, Ji-yong and Lee Hye-jin, Ji-yong tries to throw Hye-jin out of the house, Hi-soo threatens her that she won’t tolerate anyone taking what’s hers and then Ji-yong tells her that he should’ve killed her all those years back. Jung Seo-hyun and Hi-soo have a discussion regarding whether they should have a family meeting so that they can discuss how to protect Ha-joon. That’s when they both get a phone call that Suk-chul’s will is going to be disclosed.

So, the will says:

Yang Soon-hye, Suk-chul’s wife, gets the mansion of Seongbuk-dong and the lands in their hometown. Han Jin-ho is advised to go to graduate school, which will be paid for by his father. Jung Seo-hyun gets all of the Hyowon Electronics shares of Suk-chul and is appointed as the CEO of Hyowon E&M. Han Jin-lee gets her father’s shares of Hyowon Confectionery, but with the condition that she takes regular counselling, Hi-soo gets 30,000 shares of Hyowon Trading Corporation, and Ji-yong is asked to do some volunteer work because “sometimes you can only be loved by giving love”. Thus, he is appointed as the director of Hyowon Academy.

Lastly, Han Soo-hyuk will become the heir to Hyowon Group once he turns 30. Among the 308,000 shares that Suk-chul has, Soo-hyuk will get 150,000 of them. The rest will be donated to charity and educational trust funds.

This revelation is absolutely explosive. EXPLOSIVE. Everyone is, obviously, shook. Ji-yong is probably taking it the hardest considering he got the worst leg of that will.

Later on, as word of Soo-hyuk heirdom spreads, the maids are especially nasty to Yu-yeon, for no apparent reason. Or maybe it’s jealousy. They start calling her Cinderella. In the midst of this, Seo-hyun tells Yu-yeon that people are going to call her names from now on. She must figure out whether she is strong enough to fight against the world’s prejudice and must keep herself above everyone else.

Yang Soon-hye steals something from Suk-chul’s safe beside his hospital bed. She’s furious that the passcode is Ji-yong’s mother’s birthdate. It turns out to be the key to Suk-chul’s secret hideout. While on a rampage, she accidentally injures her son who has to be taken to the hospital. Jin-ho was in the hideout drinking in front of his father’s photo for his son and that Ji-yong didn’t get it all, feeling both relieved and irritated. That didn’t turn out well for him.

In the hospital, Soon-hye seems to have a mental break and starts to hit her comatose husband. She punches his chest and even bites him. Of course, this will have an effect on his health and we see his fingers moving after she leaves.

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Ji-yong goes back to his underground fight ring and orders the fighters to kill each other, which they do. I understand that he’s super angry about the inheritance and the fact that his mother said that he shouldn’t have been born, but good god. Well, this turns into a mess because apparently the fighters were brothers and now one of them is in a coma. So, they obviously want money.

We also see in Mine episode 9 that it was Seo-hyun’s idea to disclose Suk-chul’s will during the meeting. Later, Jin-hee asks Mother Emma to counsel her in a rather forceful way and the latter puts her in her place.

Hi-soo and Seo-hyun go out together to buy a painting. It turns out to be Suzy Choi’s. I love their relationship and hope that they remain such good friends with each other. On the other hand, Hye-jin thinks back on what Seo-hyun had told her about Ji-yong. She finally gets to know that Ji-yong was the one who faked her death and asks her to take her revenge on him and not the entire family.

Later on, in Mine episode 9, Hi-soo and Ji-yong talk about Suk-chul’s will. It’s a battle of wits between them and Hi-soo tells him that she obviously did not forgive him. However, Ha-joon’s safety is paramount and that’s what they need to focus on right now.

Another sad news comes in the form of Chairman Yang Chi-gon’s death who succumbs to his chronic ailments. On the other hand, Suk-chul’s blood pressure and heart rate are more stabilised and he regained consciousness for 12 seconds – so that’s encouraging news. However, Soon-hye is not happy about it at all.

Furthermore, Seo-hyun and Soo-hyuk get into a spat again as to what he is thinking of doing about his marriage now that he was chosen to be the heir in the will. However, Soo-hyuk tells her that he doesn’t want any of this. Unfortunately, she tells him that if he doesn’t stop this, she will do something extreme. He asks her why she can’t understand her just once and why she can’t wish for her happiness. She, however, doesn’t reply and walks away.

Hi-soo and Ji-yong have a spat over her acting in a movie. However, they come to the conclusion that she won’t work, considering she’s pregnant. Ji-yong later has a nightmare about Hi-soo shooting him. The next day in Mine episode 9, we see Hye-jin going to see a lawyer and Hi-soo and Seo-hyun getting ready for a family dinner where Jin-hee’s husband asks for a divorce. They also talk about Hye-jin asking for custody. The entire conversation during this time just screams dysfunctional family. It’s delightful to watch the tension.

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On the other hand, Yu-yeon asks for a day off the next day which Joo Min-so grants. However, the latter goes off and tells Seo-hyun this and also adds that she might be meeting Soo-hyuk. Seong-tae is, thus, assigned in Mine episode 9 to tail Soo-hyuk. They do, actually, go out to eat, with Seong-tae following them. The latter is taken aback by this, and says that Soo-hyuk has taken a bite of the forbidden fruit – there’s no turning back.

Hye-jin finally sends a formal court order to Ji-yong. Hi-soo and Ji-yong discuss the possibilities of what that could mean, but she tells him to leave it to her.

Later, Seo-hyun goes to view a few paintings from an unknown artist and meets Suzy Choi there. They have a very emotional conversation about their lives. I love how much this part of Seo-hyun’s life has been given so much attention. Although I wish for her to have an easier and happier life, the situation she’s in, I’m sure it’s difficult to get out of.

Mine episode 9 ends with Suk-chul opening his eyes and Ji-yong learning that the fighter who was in a coma is dead. Ji-yong lets out this frustration on Hye-jin and tries to strangle her, but as luck would have it, Hi-soo comes over to meet her. The last scene mirrors the first, with Ji-yong shedding a single tear.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 9 proves to be explosive and makes us wonder what could've happened to result in the fateful night of the death.

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Netflix's Mine Episode 9 Recap: A Toast to the DevilMine episode 9 proves to be explosive and makes us wonder what could've happened to result in the fateful night of the death.