Netflix’s Mine Episode 8 Recap: How an Elephant Gets Through a Door

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 8 is titled How an Elephant Gets Through a Door.

Mine episode 8 recap

After Hi-soo’s terrible loss, she tells Seo-hyun that she is leaving Hyowon. The latter promises to help her no matter what, and informs her that she is by her side.

Meanwhile, Ji-yong goes off to meet Han Jin-ho. Ji-yong tries to feed the latter with the same kind of lies that he used on Hi-soo but gets caught quickly when Jin-ho tells him that he knows about his deal with Mother.

Later on, when Ji-yong gets back home in Mine episode 8, he is surprised to not find Hi-soo anywhere. He asks Yu-yeon where she is, and she tells him that she has gone to her mother’s house. That makes Ji-yong suspicious and he corners Yu-yeon, and just when she is about to cave, Seo-hyun comes to her rescue. She tells Ji-yong to back off and leave Hi-soo alone until she makes up her mind about what to do.

Later on, Jin-ho asks Seong-tae to spy on Ji-yong for him while Yu-yeon goes to meet Soo-hyuk. The next day in Mine episode 8, Ji-yong meets Mother and asks her whether she told Hi-soo anything. Mother says that she hasn’t, however, Ji-yong hasn’t kept his word either. Ji-yong then tries to paint the picture that Mother has dementia and is thus confusing all of the facts regarding Hye-jin and his accession to power.

Later on, when Seong-tae goes into Ji-yong’s office to snoop, he finds something shocking. But before he is able to do anything about it, Ji-yong comes in and he hides to save his job and himself. He then tells Jin-ho that Ji-yong is gay which shocks him.

At her mother’s house, Hi-soo is shocked to find Hye-jin cooking for her. The shock of losing her child is still raw and she tells her that she doesn’t have the right to eat these things since she lost the baby.

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When Hi-soo finally comes home in Mine episode 8, everyone is ecstatic, especially Ha-joon. However, from now on, Hi-soo will do all that she can to get out of Hyowon with her son and for that, she puts on a happy face in front of Ji-yong. However, as Jin-ho tells Jin-hee the truth behing Hye-jin, Ji-yong also realises that Hi-soo might know the truth about who brought his son’s birth mother into the house.

When Hi-soo and Ji-yong have dinner, she tells him that she wants to forget everything and move past it. Ji-yong agrees, but Hi-soo also adds that she knows that he got rid of the old tutor in order to get Hye-jin into their house. It’s a tense and awkward moment, with both of them being very careful around the other.

Soo-hyuk asks A-rim’s family to meet them in Mine episode 8. After a great meal, he tells the guests why he has invited them. Although everyone gets excited thinking it’s engagement news, unfortunately for them, Soo-hyuk tells them that he cannot fake his feelings and thus he will not go through with this marriage. A-rim looks devastated and Mother tells Soo-hyuk that he won’t get anything if he doesn’t comply. He walks away saying that he doesn’t care.

Another big twist comes in Ji-yong’s plan in Mine episode 8 when everyone gets to know that Han Suk-chul had a will in regards to what to do if he were unconscious for more than a month. After the will is read, we see Ji-yong sobbing in his car. What did the will say? Maybe the next episode will make it clearer.

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While in his car, Ji-yong receives a call from Seo-hyun who tells him that Hye-jin is at their house. The three of them come face to face and Hi-soo joins them too. When Hye-jin informs them that she wants her son back, Hi-soo tells her that she will kill anyone who tries to take what’s hers. I couldn’t help but doubt that this isn’t all a ruse to make Hi-soo’s escape from Hyowon easier. I bet the three women are working together to get Hi-soo and Ha-joon away from Ji-yong’s clutches safely.

We then arrive at a funeral, presumably in the future, where Ha-joon is crying wearing the horseshoe necklace. Mother Emma is there too, and she goes back to when she witnessed the death occurring. It’s still pretty confusing as to who is dead though.

Mine episode 8 doesn’t have many things to offer and is mostly an extension of the last episode and a prelude to the next. But it nicely bridges the gap between the two.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 8 doesn’t have many things to offer and is mostly an extension of the last episode and a prelude to the next. But it nicely bridges the gap between the two.
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