Netflix’s Mine Episode 7 Recap: Love is Just a Dream

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 7 is titled Love is Just a Dream.

Mine episode 7 recap

Mine episode 7 starts off with Joo Min-su being the nosey little bugger that she is. She pieces together the photograph that Mother had torn the previous day and is shocked to see Kang Ja-kyeong and Han Ji-yong together.

Ja-kyeong and Hi-soo’s face-off at the event results in a (probably) well-deserved slap and the former informs Hi-soo that she is only trying to protect her child and that she should do the same. Instead of creating a spectacle for all to see, Jung Seo-hyun takes Hi-soo away and tells Ja-kyeong that they will talk later.

Later on, in Mine episode 7, Seo-hyun tells a bedridden Hi-soo that she must choose what to protect and what to fight against. Since she is pregnant, her primary duty is towards Ha-joon and herself now. Although Hi-soo doesn’t want to dump the burden of the fight on Seo-hyun, the latter promises to take care of the situation.

As Seo-hyun goes against the real Kang Ja-kyeong for committing fraud, she spots Suzy on the road and asks her driver to drive slowly. However, Suzy notices it and instead of creating a scene or trying to approach her, she calls her. Seo-hyun, in tears, does not pick up. Suzy looks a bit heartbroken and as the call stops ringing, she walks off disappointed and the car drives away too.

-I will be calling Ha-joon’s birth mother as Lee Hye-jin from now on, to not cause any confusions-

On the other hand, Han Jin-ho and Joo Min-su, while investigating their father’s safe in Mine episode 7, find something more mysterious – steps underneath! In spite of Min-su asking him not to go down, he does and finds a luxurious room underneath that is filled to the brim with wonderful things. However, he soon figures out that it is more of a shrine dedicated to his father, Han Suk-chul’s mistress, or Han Ji-yong’s mother, complete with pictures and whatnot.

Later on, as Lee Hye-jin comes to the house to meet Seo-hyun, she calls and goads to Han Ji-yong that Hi-soo knows the truth about everything. Ji-yong looks alarmed, as he should be, considering Hi-soo is crying her eyes out with his deception.

Seo-hyun is visibly angry that Hye-jin is in her home, in spite of her specifically telling her not to set foot in her house again. She asks Joo Min-su to send Hye-jin to her study in 15 minutes and to not let anyone in. Additionally, she also says that is Min-su is planning to record their conversations covertly, to then just enter.

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Anyway, as Seo-hyun and Hye-jin have their conversation in Mine episode 7, the latter does not seem to understand that people in the house love Ha-joon and Hi-soo thinks of him as her own. In spite of Hye-jin’s maternal instincts kicking in all of a sudden, it doesn’t change the fact that she arrived after 6 years. Ha-joon, too, thinks of Hi-soo as his mother and might receive a huge shock if he suddenly gets to know this. Seo-hyun, however, is pretty straightforward and tells her that they have proof that she committed identity fraud and will face consequences if she tries to take Ha-joon away forcibly.

As Ji-yong comes home, Hi-soo confronts him about everything and he lies through his teeth about Hye-jin and how everything came to be. He tells her that he couldn’t remember Hye-jin because she was a casual fling and didn’t meet Hye-jin after she gave birth because he was abroad. He also lies to her that it was all Mother’s doing and that he had nothing to do with it. However, Hi-soo has none of that nonsense and asks him to get out.

Once outside, Ji-yong comes face-to-face with Seo-hyun who slaps him, no questions asked. Then promises him that if he keeps this up, she will kill him herself. Seo-hyun tells him that she has promised to take care of Hyowon and Hi-soo and thus, nothing and no one will come in her way.

Seo-hyun has finally realised how Ji-yong got to know about her secret. She is usually a very careful person and she realises that he used Joo Min-su to take the video of her and Suzy. Seo-hyun is about to throw her out or something but Min-su provides a better compromise – she asks him to use her for her benefit however she sees fit.

Later on, in Mine episode 7, Hi-soo and Hye-jin come face-to-face and they both claim that Ha-joon is their son; one says that she birthed him and one raised him. Hye-jin says that she had no choice but to leave him with his father since he was sick. But that doesn’t mean that she did not miss him or think about him every day. On the other hand, Hi-soo tells her that Ha-joon’s life is there with them and taking him away might harm him. However, Hye-jin refuses to listen to her – according to her, Ha-joon still remembers her and that he would benefit from being with his birth mother. Hi-soo, however, tells her to take Ji-yong instead.

As Seo-hyun exchanges maids between her house and Hi-soo’s in Mine episode 7, Yu-yeon is also transferred which irks Soo-hyuk. When he confronts her stepmother, the latter tells him that he cannot do this to Yu-yeon if he really cares about her. She will be hurt beyond repair because of his callous attitude and that’s not something to make someone you love go through. It’s an emotional moment for Soo-hyuk who just wants to be with someone he likes but cannot because of the family he belongs to.

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Also, in Mine episode 7, Hye-jin goes to meet Ji-yong who tells her to stay away from his family. He offers her compensation but she refuses. In the back and forth, Ji-yong threatens her that she might actually die this time. Hye-jin retorts that she won’t be the only one, in that case.

When Hye-jin tries to come back home, however, she discovers that Ji-yong has kicked her out and she has no way of going back. Hi-soo, however, saves her and takes her in. Once inside, Hye-jin tells her that Ji-yong has made a fool out of her and he is more dangerous than he thinks. Hi-soo is distraught after learning that Ji-yong, in fact, knew exactly who Hye-jin was and brought her into the house on his own accord.

To get to the bottom of the matter, Hi-soo goes to meet Mother in order to learn the truth. She tells her that the idea to fake Hye-jin’s death was Ji-yong’s, not her’s. She also tells her about the deal that they had made.

Mother, Jin-hee and Han Jin-ho also get to know in Mine episode 7 that Ji-yong was playing the long game and totally blindsided them about his intentions. They are shocked to learn that he is thinking of taking over the company from Jin-ho.

As the episode ends, a tragedy rocks Hi-soo, Seo-hyun, Hye-jin and Yu-yeon who are shocked and incapable of understanding what to do.

We also see some other things: Ji-yong telling Mother about Hye-jin and asking her to keep it a secret, Han Jin-ho meeting Mother Emma and discussing his issues, Ha-joon goes to Hi-soo’s ultrasound appointment with her and they share a wholesome day together.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 7 gives us a devastating conclusion, halfway down the series.
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