Netflix’s Mine Episode 6 Recap: The Uncomfortable Truth and False Peace

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 6 is titled The Uncomfortable Truth and False Peace.

Mine episode 6 recap

Mine episode 6 starts off with Han Ji-yong asking Hi-soo whether she is really pregnant while both are individually driving in the pouring rain to find Ha-joon. Hi-soo says that she is and Ji-yong asks her to let him find Ha-joon, since she shouldn’t stress herself. Hi-soo refuses and cuts the call. Ji-yong, however, looks weirdly happy. Which is… I guess normal, but your son is missing and your pregnant wife is driving recklessly to find the kid. So, I mean. That’s concerning.

Jung Seo-hyun puts two and two together regarding Fang Ja-kyeong and realises that Ha-joon’s mother is, in fact, alive. She realises that both she and Hi-soo have been fooled by Mother and Ji-yong and that does not make her happy at all.

We get to know in Mine episode 6 that Ja-kyeong, in fact, did not take Ha-joon and was merely shopping. Also, who goes shopping leaving their phone behind in the car? That’s reckless. What if you’re in a dangerous situation and you need to call for help. It’s so stupid. Anyway, Ji-yong tells her that he knows that she was behind the news article, and Ja-kyeong rushes to find Ha-joon as well.

As Mother loses her mind over the disappearance of her peacock, Seo-hyun comes to her and tells her that she should be more concerned about her grandson’s disappearance. During her rant, she lets it slip that Ha-joon’s two mothers are out there looking for him. Seo-hyun, obviously, catches that and asks her what she meant. Mother makes up an excuse, but the dangerously smart Seo-hyun knows better.

Ha-joon is found by Hi-soo at a concert Mine episode 6. She is relieved to find him, but the kid seems unresponsive to his mother’s affection. She asks him whether he liked the concert and if he’s hungry or thirsty. Poor Ha-joon starts crying which breaks Hi-soo’s heart as well, and she starts crying with him. Ja-kyeong gets there in the meantime and sees the two of them coming out of the venue and does not seem happy.

Yu-yeon and Soo-hyuk share a sweet moment with each other in Mine episode 6. After the last episode, they start to get more comfortable and decide to drop the honorifics to address each other. It’s cute, no doubt, and I feel like Soo-hyuk is a really good-natured character. However, how far this relationship will be allowed to blossom is questionable. Regardless, they both go to sleep with butterflies in their stomachs.

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When Ji-yong gets back, he is pissed. And I mean, extremely angry. He charges at his son and screams at him and almost hits him. But Hi-soo stops him and says that he has no right to hit her son. In the meantime, Ja-kyeong also comes home and hears the commotion. Let me just say this, mama bear is scary when her cubs are poked!

Ja-kyeong comes face to face with Ji-yong. He huffs off, and Ja-kyeong goes to Ha-joon’s room and sees him and Hi-soo sleeping together, the latter cuddling him protectively. Ja-kyeong feels a lot of feelings seeing this. However, what consumes her is the need to get her son back from Hi-soo.

Ja-kyeong is discovered cuddling Ha-joon by Hi-soo who gets into a verbal spat with her. However, Ji-yong whisks Hi-soo away and tells her to trust him and that he loves her. She doesn’t need to worry about anything or anyone other than their family. Now he suggest to let Ja-kyeong go – what difference a new baby can bring about! If you can’t tell, I have some strong emotions towards him.

Anyway, he speaks to Ja-kyeong and lets her know to not hurt Hi-soo because she’s pregnant. Ja-kyeong seems to be in disbelief. Ji-yong, that nasty man, then tells Ja-kyeong to “go back to where you came from” when she asks him “what about me?” That guy is just so nasty and I hate that Hi-soo is having a baby with him.

In the meantime, Seong-tae uses glass suction cups to open the safe under Han Suk-chul’s home office. While running away with another maid, they come across Ja-kyeong driving away in a haste.

While on the road, Ja-kyeong reminisces her life after she had Ha-joon. It’s honestly sad and at this point, you feel bad for her. It must have been devastating to go through what she did.

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On the next day, Hi-soo goes out to meet Jung Seo-hyun and tells her about her pregnancy. Seo-hyun, however, was on her way to tell her about Ja-kyeong. Learning about this new development, however, Seo-hyun decides to not tell her about the tutor’s true identity.

She then goes to meet Mother Emma and asks her what she should do next. She tells her what Seo-hyun would choose – the uncomfortable pain or the false peace?

Seo-hyun goes to meet Ji-yong at his office and tells him straightforward that she knows everything and that he must tell Hi-soo the truth and let her make her own decision. However, Ji-yong knows about Seo-hyun’s sexual orientation and uses it as a leverage against her. I am unsure as to why he would say that they have committed equal sins but well. I digress.

Fang Ja-kyeong tries to trick Hi-soo to discover the truth about her and Ji-yong, and as Hi-soo was about to split this cookie wide open, she gets a call from Mother Emma and leaves. Anyway, as Ja-kyeong leaves, she tries to tell Hi-soo the truth as well. However, the latter tells her not to if it’s something that will make her anxious and Ja-kyeong obliges.

Seo-hyun talks to Mother Emma about her relationship and her true identity. It was the last day she saw her love, and it’s a very sad moment. Not being able to be with someone because of who you are is heartbreaking.

Later on in Mine episode 6, while things are great between Hi-soo’s family now that Ja-kyeong is gone, it’s obviously not going to remain great for long. And this time, Hi-soo finally gets to know that Lee Hye-jin is not dead. Of course, he remembers the time when Ji-yong had told her otherwise. On the other hand, Seo-hyun decides to go meet Hi-soo. Once at the fundraiser, they both tell each other about Fang Ja-kyeong and at that very moment the latter also walks in and introduces herself as Lee Hye-jin to Hi-soo.

Guys, this series is going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Mine episode 6 is streaming on Netflix.

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With another thrilling episode, Mine episode 6 keeps you on your toes and holds on long after it ends!

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