Netflix’s Mine Episode 5 Recap: The Sixth Sense

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 5 is titled The Sixth Sense.

Mine episode 5 recap

After episode 4 left off at a weird place, Mine episode 5 starts off with Hi-soo asking Ja-kyeong to not leave since Ha-joon will miss her. The latter agrees to stay. Hi-soo later thinks about everything that the tutor and her husband have told her, and she, obviously, is able to join 2 and 2 together.

She goes off to meet Jung Seo-hyun, who asks her why she told Soo-hyuk where Yu-yeon was. Seo-hyun tells her that the more power one has, the less freedom they have as well. Since Soo-hyuk is soon to be engaged, he should stay away from Yu-yeon. Next, Hi-soo asks her where she got Ja-kyeong. Seo-hyun tells her that she herself vetted her and that the madam from Iyeon Group had introduced them. Hi-soo refuses to divulge more of her thoughts to her sister-in-law without talking to the madam and rushes off to meet her, leaving Seo-hyun to think about the matter.

After she meets the head maid who gives her glowing reviews, she realises that she might have made a mistake about the whole thing. The head maid, however, isn’t being entirely truthful. On the other hand, Seo-hyun does some investigating of her own regarding the subject.

Later on, in Mine episode 5, Hi-soo gets to know about Ja-kyeong’s gift to Ha-joon. She, obviously, doesn’t appreciate her telling him to keep it a secret and they have an emotionally charged discussion. I am curious to know why Hi-soo doesn’t just fire her. There’s no point going through this turmoil – just kick her out and get it over with.

On the other hand, Yu-yeon’s return prompts everyone to gossip as to whether Soo-hyuk will follow the footsteps of the men in the family. Later, when A-rim comes to visit, Yu-yeon is visibly upset, and Seong-tae feels bad for her.

Later on, in Mine episode 5, Soo-hyuk asks Yu-yeon to meet him and once in his room, he asks her what she thinks of him. When he presses for the truth, she tells him that she likes him but also makes it clear that nothing will change between them. That they cannot be anything more than they are right now and for him to stop thinking about it.

At a later point, Han Jin-ho asks Seo-hyun why she is married to him since she doesn’t care about his family. She tells him that that is exactly why she has not separated from him – if they did, then all of their secrets will be out in the open. She also tells him that if he gets drunk and creates a scene again, she will send him to rehab. Additionally, she tells him that they should go meet A-rim’s parents – Soo-hyuk has to marry her, for his father’s sake as well.

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She later meets up with Hi-soo and they talk about Ha-joon’s birth mother. Seo-hyun tells her that everyone was forbidden to meet her by Mother and the latter was the only person who had any contact with her. Seo-hyun then asks her straightforwardly – does she suspect Fang Ja-kyeong to be Ha-joon’s birth mother? Hi-soo, unfortunately, doesn’t know what she believes.

A reporter approaches Jin-hee and tells her that the manager of her bakery is willing to meet him, but he will not talk to him under one circumstance – if she tells him the truth about Hi-soo and Ha-joon’s relationship. Jin-hee seems to consider the proposition.

Ja-kyeong is later seen to meet Han Ji-yong at a bar, it seems for a date. She orders a drink for him, and that spineless man flirts with her shamelessly. Their conversation gets heated soon though, and Ja-kyeong tells Ji-yong that she will tell Hi-soo the truth and will take her family back from her. Ji-yong, however, seems to be living in a different state of mind altogether and tells her that he wants both Ja-kyeong and Hi-soo to take care of Ha-joon, because in that way, he will be perfect. Whatever that means.

Hi-soo, however, seems to be on a roll in Mine episode 5. After she doesn’t get a good answer from Mother about Ha-joon’s birth mother, she goes to Ja-kyeong’s room and steals her hairbrush. She then stands there looking at Ha-joon’s toothbrush and the brush, implying that she might do a DNA test – but we are yet to know whether that will happen or not.

She then discovers that Ji-yong is wearing the same chain that Ja-kyeong gave Ha-joon in a picture and is shaken. Hi-soo confronts Ji-yong but the latter smoothly lies to her and tells her that that’s absurd and cannot happen. He tells her Ja-kyeong’s real name and assures her that there’s nothing to be worried about. If only she knew!

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Seo-hyun gets to know that Han Jin-ho is sleeping with someone else. When she is asked whether she wants the problem to be taken care of, she says that it’s not a big deal and that she won’t be anything other than his mistress.

Yu-yeon meets Seo-hyun to give her her money back. Apparently, the latter had given her money to make her stay away from Soo-hyuk. Seo-hyun tells her to stay away from Soo-hyuk since she is confusing her priorities and getting pride in the way. However, as high as Yu-yeon’s morals are, she keeps the money in her office and leaves anyway. Does this mean that she will pursue Soo-hyuk? We aren’t sure, but if she does, it’d be pretty stupid of her.

And she’s stupid. Later on they kiss. I don’t even have words to say anything about this mess anymore.

Well, coming back to the article, it does come out in Mine episode 5, but not from Jin-hee apparently. Our very own Ja-kyeong spills the beans and obviously the family is devastated. Everyone scrambles to take care of this mess but Ja-kyeong tells Ji-yong that she wants her son back. The latter is visibly upset. Seo-hyun is obviously not going to let this slide and tells someone to look into who gave away the information.

The last five minutes of Mine episode 5 is probably the most thrill I have felt while watching a K-drama. Ha-joon goes missing after school and everyone scrambles to find him. However, we also get to know that Hi-soo is pregnant and Ja-kyeong is also driving somewhere. Did she kidnap him or is it someone else? Where is Hi-soo driving off to? The episode is a complete rollercoaster ride and great to watch – the way it builds up the end made me desperate to get more answers. Alas, we have to wait for the next episode!

Mine episode 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 5, titled The Sixth Sense, is tense and thrilling and builds up to a mind-blowing cliffhanger flawlessly!

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Mine episode 5, titled The Sixth Sense, is tense and thrilling and builds up to a mind-blowing cliffhanger flawlessly!Netflix's Mine Episode 5 Recap: The Sixth Sense