Netflix’s Mine Episode 2 Recap: Icarus and a Lot of Emotional Burdens

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members.

Mine episode 2 recap

Mine episode 2 starts with Kim Yu-yeon and Soo-hyuk having actually exchanged their rooms. Soo-hyuk seems to be having a good sleep since he’s late for lunch but everyone attributes it to his jet lag. While this conversation is going on, Kim Yu-yeon looks a little awkward but well, at least no one told her to go and wake him up, so that’s good.

See Hi-soo meets Kang Ja-kyeong in the morning and brings up her antics from last night. She doesn’t seem very bothered with her tutor’s behaviour and compliments her legs (which was a little odd). However, Hi-soo’s character has been attributed as kind and welcoming and pretty open-minded so I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Jung Seo-hyun also seems to have a little secret of her own Mine episode 2 – an affair that she thought she had concealed. She, however, is apparently taking her sister-in-law’s advice to heart about seeing Mother Emma. Later on, she advises her husband to keep his antics in check since people on the internet are saying that Han Suk-chul fabricated his illness.

When Mother Emma comes to meet her later on though, she refuses to see her and tells Joo to send her away. Later on, we see her in a theatre where she reflects on her life, choices and her (alleged) affair. I think Seo-hyun is a nice character, a little different from Hi-soo, and is tender and strong at the same time. It will be nice to see what comes out of the character later on in the Mine Netflix series.

In other news, Kang Ja-kyeong is proving to be quite the character in the Mine series. As all the maids are called to the kitchen by head maid Joo for their weekly meeting, Ja-kyeong is summoned as she was unaware of the fact. However, instead of being bossed by Joo, Ja-kyeong essentially tells her to f off and to not call her for anything other than what concerns Ha-joon. It’s an awesome scene to watch, honestly.

On the other hand, the daughter of the house, Jin-hee, has totally gone after her mother. After people criticise their bakery’s cream buns online, she goes to the bakery and throws the customers out, destroys the food and insults the workers. It’s an annoying and disgusting thing to watch, firstly because she’s wasting food and secondly because she is insulting her workers so badly.

These stupid tactics land her in a soup later on though when it blows up in her face. One of the workers contact reporters about it and it blows up. However, the family refuses to help her in this regard and she breaks more stuff around the house and throws a tantrum. Jin-hee and her mother ask Hi-soo to solve the problem for them, she agrees but asks them both to get some help. Yes, it was epic to watch.

Hi-soo, however, is not a woman to takes shit from people. Once in front of the reporter, she asks him why he wanted to meet her. He tells her that if she tells him scandalous things about her family, especially about her son, then he won’t publish the cream bun scandal. She, however, rips him a new one and tells him to publish the cream bun story since rich people should know not to go on power trips.

Hi-soo and Seo-hyun discuss an exhibition that the former was supposed to hold. Seo-hyun tells Hi-soo that she is hurt that she didn’t inform her about it. Hi-soo, however, tells her that it isn’t a big deal and that she didn’t want to tell her for fear that she’d say no. They discuss the matter further and seem to come to an agreement. In spite of all the shit that is taking place in this house, it’s nice to see these two have an amicable relationship.

Hi-soo and Kang Ja-kyeong hang out later in the evening over a drink where the former tries to understand her employee and get to know her better. She asks Ja-kyeong whether she is married or if she has someone whom she loves. The latter says that she is not married but she does love someone whom she cannot get over, regardless of how much time passes. This is where Hi-soo talks about the story of Icarus, when Ja-kyeong tells her why they broke up.

Hi-soo asks her if she regretted falling in love, to which Ja-kyeong says that she doesn’t, but if she had to go back, she’d make different choices. All the while she eyes Hi-soo’s marriage ring. It’s a telling situation in Mine episode 2 and one that says that Ja-kyeong might not be there on mere chance. This notion is further solidified when Ja-kyeong looks irritated when she sees Hi-soo being taken to her room by her husband in his arms.

The next day in Mine episode 2, Soo-hyuk is going to meet his prospective bride. A-rim seems to be very bubbly and chirpy and wins everyone over with thoughtful, hand-picked gifts. The money she must’ve spent in that one evening is probably my entire year’s spending but hey, what do I know? Anyway, as they all go to dinner, Soo-hyuk has eyes only for Kim Yu-yeon.

At the fag end of Mine episode 2, we see that Jung Seo-hyun is done with her husband’s antics who really does nothing to get any respect but expects it from her husband anyway. She finally does decide to go meet with Mother Emma at the church while he passes out drunk in a passageway in their house. You feel so bad for Seo-hyun – that woman has so much potential yet she is stuck in a loveless marriage with a loser. She finally shares her burden with Mother Emma and that seems to work.

Mine episode 2 ends with Kang Ja-kyeong going inside grandmother’s room with a very scary look on her face while the latter looks at her in horror. Seo-hyun senses something is amiss and rushes inside her house. Ja-kyeong and See Hi-soo walk past each other at night when they brush against each other and there’s some visible tension there.

Mine episode 2 works with a lot of plot points and thus there are a lot of things to consider. I am guessing there’s one central mystery that ties everything together and until we figure that out, there isn’t much that we’ll be able to ascertain. It’s still going strong though, in my book.

Mine episode 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 2 works with a lot of plot points and thus there are a lot of things to consider. It holds on to your interest till the end though.

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