Netflix’s Mine Episode 15 Recap: The Judges

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 15 is titled The Judges.

Mine Episode 15 recap

2 days before the murder, in Mine episode 15, Seo-hyun gets news about the broker who worked with Ji-yong regarding the fighting ring. On the other hand, Ji-yong gets news that they’re pushing back his appointment. Seo-hyun meets with Ji-yong and tells him to turn himself in – it’s over for him. However, he says that they are very different – he is a lowlife, so these things don’t matter to him. When he threatens Seo-hyun, she says that she was intending to let him live, but now things are different.

1 day before the murder, in Mine episode 15, Ji-yong meets Hi-soo and asks her whether she thinks that she and Seo-hyun can bring him down. She tells him that she has proof of the murder that he committed. She also says that he is about to be questioned the next day – Hyowon’s legal team won’t be on his side anymore. She tells him that she hopes that he would make the correct decision for Ha-joon’s sake – if he turns himself in then he can take the proof that she has against him and take it to the police.

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However, Ji-yong says that he won’t go down alone – he won’t let Hi-soo take Ha-joon since she isn’t his real mother, and Seo-hyun won’t get Hyowon since she’s a lesbian. I mean, I don’t understand why being a lesbian would immediately negate her chances of running the company, considering he isn’t a “blood relative” either, but ok.

The lesbian comment was new for Hi-soo, however, and she wonders why Seo-hyun didn’t tell her anything about it. When she meets Seo-hyun, they go off to select a dress for the latter. Seo-hyun then tells Hi-soo to be strong. Hi-soo, on the other hand, calls her a big sister who is always out to protect her and hugs her. Hi-soo tells her that everyone is different, and it’s ok to be so. It’s a genuinely sweet moment between the two that will make your heart melt.

Meanwhile, Min-su is snooping through Seong-tae’s phone and finds something incriminating. He screams at her asking why she’s going through people’s phones without their permission. However, for those won’t don’t know the language, you won’t get what he was searching for since they don’t show it in the subtitles, which is very unfair.

Ji-yong is seen contemplating something that night in Mine episode 15. When a maid gives him his sleeping pills, he takes the bottle in his hand and thinks about something. Is he thinking of suicide? Meanwhile, Seong-tae is seen crying profusely, as Min-su watches on sadly.

The next day, as Baek Dong-hun questions Soo-hyuk about his engagement and why it was rushed, we also later see him going to ask Seo-hyun about taking Hi-soo to the hospital. He questions her about how she found Hi-soo on the night of the murder and everything that happened. However, Seo-hyun tells him that she can’t give him any circumstantial evidence regarding the murder since Hyowon’s stock prices have plummeted after the incident. However, she does tell him that she thinks that he committed suicide.

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As detective Baek goes off to meet Jin-ho, Seo-hyun gets ready to defend him. Baek asks Jin-ho about Seong-tae as he thinks that Jin-ho helped him escape. However, Jin-ho tells him that he only knows that Seong-tae is in Monaco. Baek does not believe him and presses him to tell him the truth. Jin-ho, in a hilarious twist, tells him that he and Seong-tae deeply care about each other… and since people got wind of their relationship, he had to send him away. The detective is perplexed and doesn’t know what else to say to that.

As it turns out, all of our predictions were right and we get to know in Mine episode 15 that Jasmin’s lover is Park Jung-do, Jin-hee’s husband. On the other hand, Hi-soo talks about the trauma of Ji-yong’s death and how it affected her wit her therapist. While getting into her car, she finds Hwang Hyeong-su following him and asks him to look into other people as well – tailing her won’t get him any leads.

Baek, on the other hand, is convinced that there’s something fishy about Hi-soo. He looks back at the funeral tape and wonders why she isn’t looking sad after her husband died. Meanwhile, Mother Emma tells everyone, including Jin-hee, in Mine episode 15 that she is quitting being a nun. However, before she does, she gives the women some sound advice.

The next day in Mine episode 15, we see Mr Choi back as the legal team leader and Seo-hyun is happy at his return. Mr Choi tells him that he will try to end the investigation soon. He also tells her that when Mr Kim came home, Ji-yong had already had the cardiac arrest. Since his mother, too, suffered from a heart-related disease, it could’ve simply been hereditary.

On the other hand, Yang Soon-hye, who is usually very vocal about everything, seems to be a little heartbroken. She says that ever since Ji-yong died, she has lost her appetite. It’s surprising to watch, more so when she tells Min-su to eat the food instead since the chef made the effort to prepare it. As she cries in front of No-deok seeing the woodpecker in his cage, she asks him to take care of it. It’s a surprising scene since we never see Soon-hye cry and thus it’s a little tragic, seeing the guilt that she feels for Ji-yong’s death.

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Meanwhile, Suk-chul, too, cries in front of Ji-yong’s photo. He wishes for him to be born as his real son in his next life in Mine episode 15. In the hospital, however, a completely different scene takes place. Jasmin goes to visit Jung-do while Jin-hee is there. The three get to know how all of them are connected, but unlike what their other friends thought, they, in fact, do not fight with each other and instead, have a very calm conversation. Well, until they try to rip out each other’s hair in the lobby.

The new butler, who is now staying in Seong-tae’s room, finds two bottles of phosgene, a poisonous gas, in his room in Mine episode 15. Everyone is very confused as to why he has it, and one of them exclaims to Min-su whether Seong-tae is dead. Min-su, however, cannot believe this but seems a little taken aback regardless.

Meanwhile, Hi-soo makes some waffles for Ha-joon which Hye-jin sees. She suspects that Hi-soo might remember her past because she told Hye-jin when the latter first arrived that Ha-joon loved waffles. However, Hi-soo brushes it off and tells her to have some with him. Once inside her room in Mine episode 15, she remembers the night of the tragedy.

Ha-joon tells Hye-jin that Hi-soo’s memory is back and that she was singing a particular song in the car the previous day. While Ha-joon is happy about it, Hye-jin starts to wonder that there might be more going on than Hi-soo is letting on.

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Mine episode 15
Mine episode 15 | Hi-soo and Seo-hyun

While Jin-ho is burning Ji-yong’s mother’s photos and her things, he thinks back on his conversation with Seong-tae. The latter had told him that he did not kill Ji-yong, which is news to Jin-ho. Seong-tae tells him that he only opened the door for him.

On the other hand, in Mine episode 15, Min-su tells Seo-hyun about what the new butler, Jang, found in Seong-tae’s room – the phosgene bottles. Seo-hyun asks her to send the two to her study. Meanwhile, Hye-jin asks Hi-soo who killed Ji-yong – it doesn’t matter to her who did, but she still wants to know the truth.

Baek talks to Mother Emma in the meantime and she tells him that Ji-yong had called her on the morning of the party and told her that he was going to leave. That is why she decided to meet Ji-yong and Seong-tae had told her that he was at Cadenza.

Seong-tae, in order to reduce his guilt, calls Baek in Mine episode 15 and tells him that he didn’t kill Ji-yong. He just opened the door of the bunker for him. Before Baek can ask him more, Seong-tae disconnects the call. On the other hand, Hi-soo subtly lets Seo-hyun know that she remembers everything.

As the detective comes back for a visit, Hi-soo goes to the bunker. They meet there, and Baek straight-up asks him whether she killed Ji-yong. Hi-soo tells him that she did, since she cannot remember no matter how much she tries, it must’ve been her. Baek cannot believe what he’s hearing and just scoffs and leaves.

As Seo-hyun catches Min-su trying to run, Hi-soo looks at Ji-yong’s portrait and cries.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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The game gets saucier in the penultimate episode as the threads all start to converge in Mine episode 15.

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