Netflix’s Mine Episode 13 Recap: They All Lie

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 13 is titled They All Lie.

Mine episode 13 recap

Mine episode 13 starts off with Han Ji-yong’s funeral. Everyone is there and Ha-joon is crying while wearing Hye-jin’s necklace. Hi-soo looks a bit angry and Mother Emma looks concerned. In the flashback we see her running to the police station and saying that she witnessed the murder.

Now, 7 days after the murder, Mother Emma tells the police officer that she saw the murder and also saw Hi-soo at the top of the stairs. The officer promises to question everyone at the scene but Mother Emma says that it won’t be easy to find the truth since everyone will lie.

We next see Hi-soo being questioned and she says that she doesn’t remember anything from after meeting Ji-yong. Seo-hyun says that Hi-soo is suffering from amnesia from the trauma she suffered that night. It is also revealed that Ji-yong died of cardiac arrest. However, that does not add up with the witness account since Mother Emma said that she saw him bleeding to death. Seo-hyun says that the doctor has said that he fell after suffering cardiac arrest.

The officer then says that Mother Emma had talked of three people at the scene at the time of the fatal accident – Ji-yong, Hi-soo and another unknown person. Seo-hyun says that she doesn’t know who it was and urges the officer to find out. On the other hand, Jin-ho and Jin-hee are also being interrogated in Mine episode 13. Both say that he would’ve died sooner or later.

We next jump to 11 days before the murder. Ji-yong is wondering about the murder that he caused. While Hye-jin gets into the elevator, she is shocked to see a masked man in there already. She gets in, feeling very scared, and waits for something to happen. However, nothing happens in the lift but the man follows her out. She waits for something to happen and of course, the man tries to get to her. Hye-jin, however, isn’t easy to get and bites him and drives away.

She calls Hi-soo, who tells her to get to the police station and report the incident.

10 days before the murder, Jin-ho gets a call from Inspector Hwang Hyeong-su regarding Kwak Su-chang’s murder. The inspector asks him to come to the station since he is the last person he had talked to. On the other hand, we also see Seo-hyun putting the newspaper in front of him from the last episode. Jin-ho is unable to find a way to win since all of the roads that lead to Ji-yong go nowhere.

Seo-hyun also gets to know of Kwak Su-chang’s murder and informs Hi-soo. The latter lets her know that Hye-jin was tailed. She decides to get Hye-jin back into the house in order to protect her. On the other hand in Mine episode 13, Han Suk-chul reads the newspaper article regarding Jin-ho. As the latter screams at him for letting Ji-yong take over the business, Suk-chul tells him to shut up and also informs him that Soo-hyuk had come to meet him. Soo-hyuk has asked for time since he is inexperienced about the business but has asked for someone else to take over the business in the meantime. Jin-ho doesn’t care who it is, as long as it’s not Ji-yong.

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Jin-ho meets Hye-jin outside after having a spat with Ji-yong. He asks her what she is doing back here and she says that she realises that it’s better to kill than be killed. She also asks him to be careful. Ji-yong is shocked to see Hye-jin back and realises that Hi-soo has invited her. He doesn’t say anything but looks pissed. Hye-jin confronts him outside and asks him whether he got the man murdered. He says that he did and also agrees that he was going to get her killed as well. And all of this in the most casual tone possible – it’s scary.

Ji-yong tells Hye-jin that he has a way in which she can stay alive – she has to kill Hi-soo. In that way, she can raise Ha-joon here with him, just like she always wanted. Hye-jin obviously looks horrified and calls him crazy. Ji-yong tries to emotionally manipulate her and tells her that’s the best way since Ha-joon cannot have two mothers.

Then we see Jin-ho telling Seong-tae to kill Ji-yong and offers him the blue diamond necklace in Mine episode 13. Seong-tae asks him whether he’s being serious, since, you know, people don’t just kill others at the drop of a hat. However, Jin-ho thinks that his stupid plan will work his favour and asks him to run away to Monaco after he completes the deed.

At the same time in Mine episode 13, Seo-hyun tells the shareholders about Ji-yong’s deeds. They seem to be taken aback and cannot believe what they are hearing, especially about Kwak Su-chang’s murder. She asks everyone to be on alert and promises to take care of Hyowon herself.

Ji-yong is next seen cleaning a shotgun as Kwak Su-chang’s brother wakes up.

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Five days before the murder in Mine episode 13, Jin-hee joins Hi-soo’s Bible study group and everyone is taken aback by her presence. However, she seems to be trying to change her ways as she looks more in control and not going off the rails. They later go for coffee and there’s a lot of gossip regarding Hi-soo but that gets shut down. However, it seems like Jin-hee’s husband is having an affair with one of the girls, so it’s going to be interesting to see that unfold.

Later, it seems like Hye-jin and Hi-soo are planning to do something because the latter asks the former whether she is confident and that she is counting on her. We then cut to a scene where Kwak Su-chang’s brother is being taken away from his room. Ji-yong, on the other hand, is angry after being served the divorce papers. He calls in Mr Choi and tells him that he is fired after Ji-yong figured out his scheme with Seo-hyun. The latter tells Mr Choi to keep the papers and himself safe since no one knows what Ji-yong is capable of.

Seo-hyun tells Jin-ho in Mine episode 13 that she’s going to tell the press the next day that she is a lesbian. Jin-ho is shocked to hear this, and Seo-hyun explains everything to him. She tells him that she understands if he wants to get a divorce but asks him to wait until she takes Ji-yong down. They have a heart-to-heart conversation and it’s kinda nice to see them getting along. It’s all civilised and Jin-ho asks her not to tell the world about her sexual orientation. However, Seo-hyun says that she must tell people the truth before fighting for the position of Hyowon’s chairwoman.

Meanwhile, Hi-soo goes to meet Ji-yong and asks him to turn himself in. However, he refuses and they have a conversation about Ha-joon. Hi-soo tells him that she is sending him to Boston and if he doesn’t turn himself in after Ha-joon leaves, then she will disclose everything. She tells him that she has Kwak Hyeon-dong with her and he will reveal everything. This revelation concerns Ji-yong. Seo-hyun, on the other hand, gets more information regarding the dogfighting ring from Mr Choi, and she tells him that it won’t take long anymore and asks him to relax somewhere close.

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Mine episode 13
Netflix's Mine Episode 13 Recap: They All Lie 17

Four days before the murder, the family members gather together and a new caregiver hired by Ji-yong arrives for Han Suk-chul. She refuses to listen to anyone other than Ji-yong but Seo-hyun sees her, she asks her to get out immediately. Anyway, Seo-hyun goes to get Suk-chul and Hi-soo tells the family that she has filed for divorce, that Ji-yong will be questioned by the police as a murder suspect and that she will send Ha-joon away somewhere. The family, obviously, is shocked.

Meanwhile, in Mine episode 13, Seo-hyun tells Suk-chul the truth about Ji-yong, who is taken aback and deeply hurt at the accusations. She tells him the plans that she kept in place so that Hyowon is protected, while Jin-ho tells the rest of the family that Seo-hyun should take the responsibility of heading the business. Hi-soo and Soo-hyuk back him. Yang Soon-hye’s breaking point, however, comes when they let her know that Ji-yong isn’t Suk-chul’s biological son.

On the other hand, Ji-yong’s men take Ha-joon away from Hye-jin while she is taking him home from school. Hye-jin tries to call Hi-soo, but the latter is busy with Kwak Hyeon-dong. She, thus, calls Seo-hyun who tells her that she will take care of it. As Hye-jin tries to find Ha-joon by driving around, she sees him running towards her and they embrace.

Once Ji-yong comes home, he is summoned by Suk-chul, but before he goes to meet him, he talks to Hye-jin and Seong-tae. Two very uncomfortable conversations. We then come back to the present, after the incident has already occurred. The detective is talking to everyone in the family and one thing is common from all of their words: no one really liked Ji-yong. He suspiciously looks at Hi-soo and we see that she really might have lost her memory as she is unable to remember Ha-joon.

As the detective uses a search warrant to check out Ji-yong’s residence, we see what might just have happened, but I’m going to keep that a secret in this Mine episode 13 recap.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 13, trying to end the show in the last episodes, goes into the murder investigation as we get to know what exactly happened leading up to it.

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