Netflix’s Mine Episode 12 Recap: Crime and Sin

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 12 is titled Crime and Sin.

Mine episode 12 recap

Mine episode 12 starts off where we left off yesterday; yes, at that horrifying moment that we won’t mention. Anyway, Ji-yong is absolutely horrified and screams at Hi-soo. The latter, however, tells him that she is definitely divorcing him and taking Ha-joon. And then slaps the shit out of him. It’s glorious. (And this isn’t to say that you should be slapping people around. Don’t assault others. But holy shit, this series just gets me. Ok rant over.)

Hi-soo, later, goes on to tell Yang Soon-hye that she’s leaving Ji-yong and taking Ha-joon. Of course, the former doesn’t take it well and also screams at Hi-soo. However, Hi-soo is cool as a cucumber and tells her that because of her she now knows what not to do with Ha-joon and that she wants to raise her son right.

Hi-soo goes to talk to the new series producers in Mine episode 12 who inform her that Hyowon group has been pressuring everyone not to let her work. Thus, they cannot do anything about it. Hi-soo is frustrated beyond words, obviously, and leaves to see a solution to the mess.

Still wearing the detective hat, Jin-ho goes to meet Kwak Su-chang while we see Ji-yong getting the plaque of “chairman” on his desk. The details of the fighting ring are horrific as well and made me wonder how this person exists underneath that cool and calm demeanour. I pegged him as a good character in the beginning! Anyway, Jin-ho is horrified and angry and cries in his car out of frustration remembers everything that his Ji-yong and Suk-chul had told him in the past.

He goes to see Ji-yong at his office and the first thing he says is that he knows he’s not Suk-chul’s son. Then he screams at him saying that how dare he try to take over Hyowon when he’s not even a part of the family. He also lets it spill that he knows about his hobby. However, Ji-yong is unfazed and tells him to do whatever he wants – no one is going to believe him anyway.

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Jin-ho calls Seo-hyun in Mine episode 12 and asks her whether she knew about Ji-yong. She tells him that she did. He enquires why she hadn’t told him anything and she asks what difference it would’ve made. Anyway, he asks for her help and tells her that he’d rather have her leading the company than Ji-yong. Seo-hyun agrees to take responsibility for letting Ji-yong get the chairman position.

Jin-ho, after this conversation, comes across Hi-soo. She asks whether he’s ok and although he falters at first, he tells her everything he knows about her no-good soon-to-be ex-husband. Frustrated and angry, she contacts Hye-jin.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Suk-chul to come home and the house is going through a clean for it. Soon-hye seems to be not in a good mood about it and orders Joo Min-su to move her husband’s stuff to Ji-yong’s place. As she tries to “regain her strength” by having a soup with… seal penis… she asks him to go live with Ji-yong. After a little debate, they agree, but take Min-su with them.

The next day in Mine episode 12, Ji-yong gets the incriminating video that Hye-jin had taken detailing everything that Ji-yong had done to her and Hi-soo. Although he seems frazzled, he decides not to take any major action. When people start to call him, he calls Hye-jin insane and asks them to not bother. Meanwhile, Jin-ho conspires with Kwak Su-chang to destroy Ji-yong.

Hi-soo goes to the fighting ring with Hye-jin and is shocked to see everything around her. She pictures what might have happened there and sees the seat at the top where Ji-yong must’ve sat. She is horrified seeing this. Meanwhile, Ji-yong plans to move Hyowon E&M’s offices to the headquarters. Obviously, Seo-hyun isn’t someone who’s going to agree to that and that’s exactly what happens. She asks his men to tell him to know his place and that she doesn’t plan to move anywhere.

On the other hand, Soo-hyuk seems to be having a great time with Yu-yeon as they clean their house together and discuss future plans in Mine episode 12. While they’re talking, Seo-hyun visits them and they have a conversation about him introducing Yu-yeon to the family. She promises to help him in this process. She then asks him to help her oust Ji-yong from the post of chairman.

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Later on, Seo-hyun goes to the airport to meet Suzy Choi as the latter is leaving. She thanks her for being in her life and asks her to be happy. It’s a tearful goodbye as Choi tells her that no one else matters as long as they know that they loved each other.

Meanwhile, Hi-soo tells Ha-joon to go with Hye-jin and that she will meet them in 10 days. He asks her when his father will join them. Although she tells him that he might not be able to join them because he’s busy, he tells her that he looks up to his father a lot. This breaks Hi-soo’s heart.

Later on, Suk-chul tells Ji-yong to understand her mother, that she has gone through a lot. He additionally tells him to understand Hye-jin and Hi-soo and to always respect them for giving birth to and taking care of Ha-joon. Hearing all of this, Ji-yong is taken aback and leaves.

Seo-hyun, while coming back from the airport, gets to know about Ji-yong’s double life. When she comes home and meets Jin-ho, she tells him that he has done a good job at uncovering the truth which greatly pleases him. Seo-hyun later goes to meet Suk-chul while Ji-yong investigates the underground bunker. Ji-yong does not take the underground bunker that well at all.

Hi-soo and Seo-hyun check in with each other about their problems and plans. Seo-hyun supports Hi-soo’s decision regarding sending Ha-joon away, but is unable to make a decision for her. However, she acknowledges at Hi-soo is at a very difficult place and it’s a decision that no one else can make in her place. While having this conversation, Hi-soo tells her about how Mother Emma is connected to Ji-yong. They both wonder why they acted like they didn’t know each other for so long.

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Mine episode 12
Netflix's Mine Episode 12 Recap: Crime and Sin 14

Hi-soo later in Mine episode 12 tells Ji-yong that she knows about the fighting ring and that she will be sending Ha-joon away. When he says that she can’t do as she pleases because he’s his son, she tells him that she won’t let Ha-joon be exposed to this truth about his father.

Later that night, Kwak Su-chang, while walking alone at night, gets stabbed to death, of course under Ji-yong’s orders. Suk-chul, meanwhile, wonders about what Seo-hyun told him – that Ji-yong is a destroyer and cannot be trusted with the company.

The next morning in Mine episode 12, Seo-hyun is shocked to see the newspaper while Jin-ho gets a call from the police station saying that Kwak Su-chang is dead and that the last person that he talked to was him. Understandably, he now has to go to the police station. Oh, and the newspaper? That talks about why he got passed over – because he’s an alcoholic. Jin-ho later tells Seong-tae to kill Ji-yong.

The next day in Mine episode 12, Hi-soo saves Ha-joon from being run over. Hi-soo later introduces Ji-yong to Ha-joons new tutor – Hye-jin. Obviously, Ji-yong is shocked.

The episode ends with all of the shareholders coming to meet Seo-hyun at her home and we see what the latter had told Soo-hyuk when she had met him – she is going to take responsibility of Hyowon and protect it at all costs. The last scene shows that this takes place 10 days before the murder and then we jump to the night of. Mother Emma rushes to a dead Ji-yong’s bloodied body and looks up to see Hi-soo standing on top of the stairs. Now I am unsure who was the woman with Ji-yong then.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine Episode 12, titled Crime and SIn, puts the three women further against Ji-yong while we get closer to unravelling his death.

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