Netflix’s Mine Episode 11 Recap: Some Enchanted Week

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 11 is titled Some Enchanted Week.

Mine episode 11 recap

Without sparing a moment behind unnecessary things, Mine episode 11 starts off with Mother Emma coming across Han Ji-yong’s body and confirming that he has, in fact, died. She also mentions that she found someone else at the top of the stairs.

We then jump 15 days before the murder, right to when the custody battle is going on. We then see, in a tiny flashback, how Hye-jin, Hi-soo and Seo-hyun look at each other and nod their heads – as if they had all planned this from the very beginning. And the way Hi-soo plays the whole scene out in front of the judge and then giving Ji-yong divorce papers, I am sure more than one mind was used to concoct this brilliant plan.

We then jump to when Hi-soo had the miscarriage and Seo-hyun told her that she will help her get away from Hyowon. As I have mentioned previously a lot of times, I love the relationship that the sisters-in-law share. Anyway, Hye-jin called Seo-hyun in the hospital at that time and begged her to let her see Hi-soo because she has something to tell the latter. It seems that Hye-jin apologised to Hi-soo at that point and they decided to have an amicable relationship.

At first, of course, Hi-soo was a bit apprehensive with Hye-jin’s surprise generosity. The latter, however, left no stones unturned to smooth things over with Hi-soo, including cooking and cleaning for the recovering Hi-soo. However, Hye-jin convinces her to let her help as Hi-soo is clearly being too hard on herself with the miscarriage.

Anyway, Hye-jin’s efforts paid off in the end, and after an emotional outburst from her regarding her concerns for Ha-joon, Hi-soo invited her to eat with her. Later, Hi-soo met with Seo-hyun, who tells her the entire plan regarding how she and Ha-joon can get away from Ji-yong. Seo-hyun is by far my favourite character in this deliciously dysfunctional family – she’s witty, compassionate and has nerves of steel and is mostly fair in her judgements. We then see the three of them perfecting this plan together – it’s such great content to consume.

After all the court stuff are done are dusted, we then come back to the present in Mine episode 11, where we see Hi-soo bereaving the loss of her child. Hye-jin again apologises to her for whatever she did in the past and she genuinely feels sorry for it, it seems. Hi-soo, thus, gifts her Ha-joon’s first tooth since she helped grow it. As Hye-jin sobs clutching it, I, too, was left a little heartbroken.

As Ji-yong wonders about the whammy that he just went through in Mine episode 11, he calls his legal teams in to think about what he will do. Seo-hyun comes to meet him and they talk about the chairman position. Ji-yong tells her that she could’ve never become chairman because of her “unusual love life.” Seo-hyun delivers a burn in response to that that, I think, burned through Ji-yong’s very soul. It’s amazing.

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On the other hand in Mine episode 11, Jin-ho finds out that Ji-yong has been made chairman of Hyowon. He becomes so angry that he just simply runs out. It’s hilarious. Meanwhile, Jin-hee seems to be getting a bit better with her life, writing out a letter of apology. Well, her moment of self-reflection is cut short when she receives a phone call that informs her that Ji-yong is the new chairman. She, obviously, storms out.

Seo-hyun is baffled hearing how her husband stormed out of the facility where he was being kept. She tells them that she understands, and instructs Joo Min-su to do the needful. Min-su tells Seong-tae that Jin-ho escaped and might just be on his way home. The latter is baffled when, the exact moment he is having this conversation, he sees Jin-ho running towards him. It’s such a surreal moment and I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Jin-ho, however, has come back with a vengeance. He asks to meet Yu-yeon and asks her to leave by the end of the day. But she’s had enough of this family’s crap and she flat-out refuses to do so. In the meantime, Yang Soon-hye comes into the picture and, as loud and obnoxious as she is, starts to berate Yu-yeon for standing up for herself. Anyway, at the end of it all, Jin-ho forces Yu-yeon to be thrown out in Mine episode 11.

When Soo-hyuk returns home later, he gets to know that his father has thrown Yu-yeon out. He goes to meet him and is immediately slapped by his alcoholic father. I don’t understand how it is acceptable to slap grown adults in Asian households but here we all are. Anyway, Soo-hyuk lays it out to his father and tells him that he never wanted what was given to him and always wanted an ordinary life. He ends it by saying that he doesn’t want a father like him and that he is leaving.

Meanwhile, Hi-soo is concerned as to why no one is publishing about the lawsuit and about her comeback to acting. She learns that Ji-yong used his contacts to suppress the press and told them that Hyowon would stop sponsoring them if they posted anything unfavourable against him. This greatly concerns Hi-soo.

Hye-jin meets Seo-hyun in Mine episode 11 and the latter asks her whether she has asked for Hi-soo’s forgiveness. Hye-jin tells her that the one week that they spent together wasn’t enough. Seo-hyun agrees and tells her to do what she says one more time in order to break Ji-yong. Hye-jin agrees.

Jin-ho is suddenly feeling very responsible and thus discusses with Yang Soon-hye about being in charge of hiring and firing the maids. He asks to fill Yu-yeon’s place quickly so that she cannot come back and decides to bring back the maid they had fired back in the day. Although Soon-hye is against it, Jin-ho is adamant. At that moment, Seo-hyun comes home and the two maids at the scene rush off to meet her.

Later, Jin-ho and Seo-hyun fight over Soo-hyuk and Jin-ho tells her that he will do as he pleases. Seo-hyun tells him that he is free to do that, but he must take responsibility for his actions. We also see Soo-hyuk meeting Yu-yeon at her house. He eats with her and the two share a cute moment. Seo-hyun, later, mulls over Suzy Choi’s gift to her.

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Hi-soo goes to meet Mother Emma and asks to spend the night there. The latter agrees and she tells Hi-soo about her life and the truth about Han Suk-chul and Han Ji-yong and how they are all connected. Hi-soo is shocked at the revelation.

Jin-ho tries to convince his father to withdraw the board’s decision and let him convince Soo-hyuk to take the position instead. He tells him in Mine episode 11 that he is ok with his father not choosing him to be the chairman, but Soo-hyuk is different and that he will be better than Ji-yong. However, Suk-chul tells Jin-ho to love Ji-yong – the latter is different from Jin-ho and Suk-chul says that he has done Ji-yong a disservice many times. In spite of Jin-ho trying to convince his father, the latter seems to be determined with his decision.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyuk and Yu-yeon are taking a walk and the latter asks him why everyone blames her for his decision to not be the chairman. He apologises, but she tells him that this is all becoming too much for her. I think she tries to break up with him, but Soo-hyuk embraces her and tells her that he loves her in Mine episode 11. This throws her off a bit, I think.

Anyway, Seo-hyun has a moment of reckoning and asks Suzy Choi to tell the interview that she will be giving about them. Hi-soo, later, tells Seo-hyun that she will back her in the shareholders’ meet that the latter is planning to organise.

Ji-yong goes to meet Hye-jin and threatens her to stop what she and Hi-soo are trying to do. He tells her that he will really kill her this time, and Hye-jin tries to strangle him (?). Weird, but ok. She asks him whether it has ever occurred to him that he might be the one to die. She then tells him to never come back or else she really will do what she said.

As Jin-ho slowly starts on put on his detective’s hat, Seo-hyun gets ready to ruin Ji-yong, with Hye-jin’s help, in Mine episode 11. Hi-soo meets Ji-yong and they discuss the baby and the divorce. Hi-soo tells him that the nursery is finally done and as he goes off to see it, he is confronted by a gruesome sight. I am not going to disclose what this is in my Mine episode 11 recap, but it’s horrifying. The episode ends where we started, only, now we see who is at the top of the stairs.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 11 is gruesome and shines a light on a lot of secrets that you might or might not have been privy to!
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