Netflix’s Mine Episode 10 Recap: The Real Mother

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 10 is titled The Real Mother.

Mine episode 10 recap

Mine episode 10 starts with Hi-soo meeting a tiny Ha-joon for the first time. It’s so cute, and baby Ha-joon is adorable. In the present, Hi-soo looks at their family portrait and says that no one can take Ha-joon from her. This is taking place right before Hi-soo goes to meet Hye-jin, when the latter is being strangled by Ji-yong. Hi-soo asks him to stop, and Ji-yong complies. She tells him that there are consequences to his actions – he doesn’t have the right to hurt her since he has been deceptive to both of them. Ji-yong then leaves.

Later on, Ji-yong gets a call, who tells him that the brother isn’t dead. Obviously, he’s pissed and goes off to meet the guy in the fighting ring. There, Ji-yong asks him how he got to know who he was, to which the guy says that he should know who killed his brother. This spat continues, and the two end up fighting. Ji-yong hits him and then points a gun at him, before hitting him with it. At the end, the guy tearfully asks him to save his brother’s life, Ji-yong says that it’s up to god and then dumps money on him.

Suk-chul wakes up, which sends shockwaves throughout the family. Everyone rushes to meet him. He seems to be doing good, the doctor is happy with his progress and tells Yang Soon-hye that she saved his life. It’s really funny and everyone looks at each other confused.

Later on, in Mine episode 10, Hi-soo meets with a lawyer who was previously fired by the family to discuss matters about the upcoming legal battle with Hye-jin. During the conversation with Hwang Bo-in, she gets to know about her husband’s money laundering schemes. Ji-yong, too, gets to what Hi-soo is up to.

Mother Emma goes to meet Suk-chul in the hospital and the way they look at each other hints at something there in that relationship.

A drunk Jin-ho asks the maids to impersonate a goat, for his own fun and games. Joo Min-su asks him to go to bed if he’s drunk; she stands up for her workers and says that it’s inappropriate. The drunk that Jin-ho is, he slaps Min-su.

When he is about to hit them again, Seo-hyun comes in and stops him. He mocks her and says that she cannot stop him since he’s the most powerful man in Hyowon. She shows him his place by slapping him, and apologises to Min-su, adding that hopefully now her rage will be quenched. She then asks her to call an alcohol treatment centre, leaving Min-su shocked.

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Hi-soo, on the other hand, takes Ha-joon to her own home, where they share a sweet meal. Seo-hyun, on the other hand, talks to Seong-tae and asks him whether Soo-hyuk looked happy with Yu-yeon. He says that he did, which relieves Seo-hyun. It seems that Suzy Choi’s words in the last episode impacted her greatly and thus, she is now thinking about Soo-hyuk’s happiness, instead of doing what is right.

She later talks to Soo-hyuk, they have a heart-to-heart about his life. He says that he doesn’t want to inherit Hwoyon Group if that means he has to leave behind someone he loves. Seo-hyun asks him if he’s sure about that, and when he says yes, she agrees with him.

On the other hand, in Mine episode 10, Hi-soo tells Ji-yong about the hearing the next day and they discuss why Hi-soo appointed Hwang Bo-in, someone they had thrown out, instead of a new lawyer. I feel like Hi-soo and Hye-jin are planning something together against Ji-yong that we don’t know yet. It’s going to be an interesting revelation.

Jin-hee goes to meet Mother Emma in an effort to get a consultation with her. When she refuses, the latter tells her to just say that she got the counselling so that she can get the management position. However, Mother Emma isn’t someone who takes shit. So, she gives her a piece of her mind. This results in her starting to cry and the nun asks her to sit and collect herself before leaving.

As the day of the hearing rolls around in Mine episode 10, Seo-hyun goes to meet Suk-chul. She tells him not to watch the news, since he needs to recover and further adds that Soo-hyuk doesn’t want to comply with his request. Additionally, she says that he likes someone else and won’t marry A-rim. Hearing all of this, Suk-chul asks Seo-hyun to bring Ji-yong to him. Although Seo-hyun implores him not to, he remains adamant.

Considering this, as Ji-yong goes to meet Suk-chul, Seo-hyun tells their lawyer to proceed with plan B.

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Meanwhile, Jin-ho has been institutionalised and desperately wants to get out. Surrounded by other alcoholics, he implores the doctor to let him go, but the latter tells him to shut up and do as he is told.

In a flashback, we see Suk-chul talking to a very young Mother Emma and telling her that he likes Mi-ja. When he tells her to introduce them, she implores him not to pursue this since she’s already betrothed to someone else and is also pregnant with his baby. In the present, Suk-chul meets Ji-yong; the latter tells him to not leave him alone and the former apologises. Suk-chul goes through everything that has happened in his life regarding Ji-yong – he seems repentant.

Seo-hyun later tells Hi-soo that Ji-yong isn’t Suk-chul’s father and narrates the entire incident. Hi-soo recognises that it’s a horrible fate but she doesn’t feel pity. Seo-hyun later tells Hi-soo that they need to win the lawsuit no matter what and that she will be right behind her.

On the day of the hearing both Hi-soo and Hye-jin appear in court in Mine episode 10. The court listens to Hye-jin talking about everything that she went through. When the judge asks whether what Hye-jin is saying is correct, Hi-soo agrees with her. She tells everyone why she loves Ha-joon and why she should be allowed to be with Ha-joon.

Both of the accounts are heart-wrenching. But when the time for making a decision comes, the court decides to deny the transfer request to Hye-jin. Things are a bit confusing now, after Hi-soo’s explosive accusations in front of everyone. Seo-hyun, on the other hand, gets a call – she tells Hi-soo that Ji-yong is now the chairman. Hi-soo says that that’s perfect, the more he rises the ranks, the harder he falls.

Outside the courtroom in Mine episode 10, Hi-soo asks for a divorce from Ji-yong. She says that she’s leaving Hyowon and taking Ha-joon with her. The episode ends with them staring each other down.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 10 has a court battle and lots of emotions to go through - it's one hell of a ride!

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