Netflix’s Mine Episode 1 Recap: Murder and Dysfunctional Families

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members.

Mine episode 1 recap

Mine episode 1 starts off with a nun running into a police station in the rain. Soaking wet, she tells the officers, breathless, that she witnessed a murder. Cut to a beautiful mansion and we see a person falling to their death. Next, we move 60 days before these incidents and a narrator lets us know that a wealthy chairman, who loved the arts and the likes, hired an architect to create his estate. It’s a beautiful place no doubt, and the cinematography does justice to bring that beauty out.

We then see two people being hired – a maid and a tutor. At first there’s a bit of a mix-up, but we finally get Kang Ja-kyeong as the tutor and Kim Yu-yeon as the maid. Being interviewed at opposite houses, they make their way to their respective places of work and cross paths.

Kang Ja-kyeong is to work at See Hi-soo’s home where the latter gives her a rundown of the house and introduces her to her son. The son can be a little rude, but it seems like that isn’t a big deal for the tutor with a lot of experience as her. Ja-Kyeong looks at everyone and everything at Hi-soo’s home with a weird stare and it’s a little creepy, honestly. However, it’s just the first episode and I should probably not have any preconceived notions just yet.

Mine episode 1 also introduces a lavish dinner on the night that the two new employees get hired. It’s as uncomfortable as you’d expect. There seems to be tension among all of the family members and that’s made more apparent when See Hi-soo takes off her black coat to reveal her bright orange dress. She’s the only colour among the sea of black and she makes the effort to break the dress code. The chairman seems happy though and laughs while others are visibly quite upset. As everyone starts digging into the scrumptious meal, Kang Ja-kyeong looks on from a distance.

Ja-kyeong then goes into Jung Seo-hyun’s home and starts eating from her kitchen. The maids are shocked to see this, but her response is, it’s food, right? She’s a weird cookie and it’d be interesting to see how and why she acts the way she does. On the other hand, at the dinner, things become very tense as everyone starts to question Hi-soo about what she plans to do with her son.

It is revealed in Mine episode 1 that Ha-joon is not Hi-soo’s biological son and she doesn’t want to send him to a foreign boarding school. This is apparently a bone of contention in the family since that is the rule of that house. However, Hi-soo seems unwavered by the hostility towards here.

Additionally, there seems to be a soft spot for Hi-soo in the chariman Han Suk-chul’s heart that everyone else is pretty jealous of. Anyway, all that goes to the backburner when Han brings forth a blue diamond that he won in a bid and decides to give it to someone. Before he can do that though, he gets some really bad news that makes his already frail health weaker and he collapses.

  • Mine episode 1
  • Mine episode 1
  • Mine episode 1

It’s obviously a mess afterwards in Mine episode 1 and then another barrage of information rolls out to bombard us. So, apparently all the men have been married twice, all of the wives are dead and chairman Han maybe had a mistress. I am still a little foggy about who’s who and who goes where but the maids are sure to start gossiping soon after about maybe Han was poisoned.

Moving on, the oldest grandson, Soo-hyuk, comes back home during this time and the family is ecstatic. When Kim Yu-yeon meets Soo-hyuk, there’s a sexual chemistry there that I am sure will be the cause of much problems in the family in the future. This might also be a reason why Yu-yeon and Ja-hyeong might have a tiff later on, but it’s all speculation at this point.

Mine episode 1 ends with Kim Yu-yeon landing up at Soo-hyuk’s house late at night and them sharing a sweet moment and Ja-hyeong getting caught wearing Hi-soo’s orange dress. The latter was a bizzare moment that absolutely left me confused. Anyway, Mine, with its murder mystery and a lot of odd family dynamics proves to be quite an interesting watch and I am excited to see what goes on here in the following episodes.

Mine episode 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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Mine episode 1 starts off great and there is not one moment of respite from the barrage of information and the delicious gossip that the series throws our way.

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