Netflix’s Michael Che: Shame The Devil Review: Jackpot Of Dark Comedy And Satire

Michael Che: Shame The Devil is a stand-up comedy series directed by Kristian Mercado and produced by Irony Point. It stars ace comedian Michael Che and is currently streaming on Netflix with a run time of 58 minutes and audio in English.

Netflix describes the comedy series as:

“Michael Che returns to the stage in Oakland and tackles American patriotism, Black leadership, jealous exes, loose bears, mental health and more”.

Michael Che: Shame The Devil review does not contain spoilers –

Michael Che is a popular name in the world of comedy and his latest Netflix debut, Michael Che: Shame the Devil, proves it. Michael is best known for his writing and anchoring finesse in a live television sketch comedy named Saturday Night Live. He is a witty comedian and gives a grand performance as usual with some tint of social issues. Michael speaks on common problems in present-day society and gives his hilarious insight on Americanism, past relationships, Black leadership, and mental issues.

His comedy is not free of controversy but serves some good gags. Michael’s comical personality seems effortless in the series as he goes on throwing his jokes at the audience with a constant smile on his face. In one of his gags, Michael has made a comparison between the national anthem and sex trafficker R. Kelly’s music which seems a little offending. The comedian has been called out in the past by the audiences for his controversial jokes and dark humor. But he seems to be unaffected by it and goes hard-core with his punches.

Michael speaks about the American flag, Black people around white people, and why he has to struggle to feel American. It seems like the comedian is indirectly trying to vent out his scuffles and frustration in the form of back-to-back jokes. He has some kind of infectious energy and body language that makes one attracted to what he is telling. The 58 minutes of the special is lively and light-hearted without any boring punch lines. He manages to serve juicy comedy on our plates.

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Michael Che: Shame The Devil
Netflix’s Michael Che: Shame The Devil Review: Jackpot Of Dark Comedy And Satire

Summing up: Michael Che: Shame The Devil

The title of the comedy series Shame the Devil seems the most apt title I have ever encountered. As the badass comedian sticks to the controversial topics but expresses them in a manner that doesn’t sound much outraging. He interacts with audiences, throws jokes on them, laughs with audiences, and most importantly makes constant eye contact with his fans. Overall Michael Che: Shame the Devil has all the qualities of a great stand-up comedy series and a must-watch humorous creation.

Michael Che: Shame The Devil is streaming now on Netflix.

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Michael Che: Shame The Devil is a stand-Up comedy series that highlights American patriotism, Black leadership and mental health via Michael's intelligent comedy.

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