Netflix’s Magical Andes Review: A Visual Treat

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Magical Andes Review: The pandemic has forced many people around the world to stay confined in the four walls of their house. Just when we thought things are getting back to normal, there’s a surge in the COVID-19 cases. People miss doing many normal things, but mainly they miss going out and exploring new places. The docu-series on Netflix is here to make you feel good with its visual treat. But if you love travelling, you’ll be sad because you know it’s not safe yet!

Magical Andes netflix
A still from Magical Andes

Magical Andes is a documentary series where different travellers from around the world share their travelling experience in the Andes Mountains. People of all ages come to experience the surreal feeling amid one of nature’s most remarkable gifts to humans. Also called Andean Mountains, they are the longest continental mountain range globally along the western edge of South America. Their range is 7000 km long, and they extend from north to south and cover at least 7 South American countries – Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

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In the latest season of Magical Andes, Netflix has bestowed upon us 4 episodes. The narrator talks in Spanish, but there are English subtitles. Each episode is of 27-30 minutes. In every episode, they have covered a new place, including new tourists, with information about the locals who reside around the mountains. In the series, the narrator informs us that a wanderer witnesses different culture, people and seasons as they walk through the mountains for days or weeks.

Magical Andes Review
Magical Andes still

The documentary series takes us on a virtual trip of the Andes Mountains located in Venezuela and Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, La Rioja Argentina, an Oasis in Peru and Bolivia and Argentina and Chile. These are also the names of the episodes. In every episode featuring a new place, we see the beauty of these huge rocks covered either with greenery, ice, water or desert sand.

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While the adventurers share their experience and magical feeling of travelling through the mountains, what interested me more was the local people’s insights. Every village or town is different, their lifestyle is different, and when they talk, you can’t help but notice how happy and peaceful they look. Some of these villages have no phones or TV. Their only source of information/entertainment is radio. Yet, they are content in their simple life surrounded by such enormous natural beauty.

Magical Andes
A local living amid the Magical Andes

Magical Andes: Is it worth it?

Overall, Magical Andes is a must-watch if you love nature, mountains, travelling, and planning to take a long trip later this year. We think we know the world, but there’s so much for everyone to explore. The rich flora, landscapes, desert and underwater visuals on the screens are a winner here. Watch it on your big TV screens with lights off, and you will be lost in its wondrous beauty. The soothing background music and local people talking about their simple living will make you crave a life like that!

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Magical Andes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Magical Andes is a must-watch if you love nature, mountains, travelling, and planning to take a long trip later this year.
Pooja Darade
Insatiable cinematic soul.


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