Netflix’s Love is Blind After the Altar Review: Bingeable Cringe Content

Love is Blind After the Altar is a Reality TV series that is a reunion episode of the contestants from Love is Blind. The reunion has three episodes, each

Love is Blind’s Netflix synopsis reads:

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.

Love is Blind After the Altar review does not contain spoilers –

Okay, first things first, I haven’t watched 2020’s Love is Blind. And honestly, I know I am not missing out on anything interesting. If the reviews say anything, it is pretty toxic just as all Reality dating shows are. The idea that you can find your soulmate in 10 days and get engaged without having laid eyes on them is honestly insane to me. I agree that emotional connections matter more than physical ones, but the latter still matter.

Having said that, I feel like Love is Blind tried to put forth the Reality TV show as a new-age dating show that no one has ever come up with. Expect, there are shows that have come together before that are… exactly like this? Maybe a little here and there, but the basic premise is the same. This one is just more destructive.

From what I gathered from the trailer of Love is Blind After the Altar, though, is that the reunion is going to have lots of drama. And if you have read my reviews for Too Hot to Handle, you know that I am all for it. And, if you are paying attention, you’ll find Francesca Farago in the midst of this mess.

I find it absolutely shocking how Netflix gathers people to join shows such as these that essentially make you out to be idiots who are so vain that they cannot look at anything beyond themselves. However, that is probably what makes it so absolutely bingeable – these Reality TV participants are willingly giving up everything to increase the following on their social media handles.

But enough of me griping about Reality TV and how absolutely dumbfoundingly stupid they are. Let’s discuss Love is Blind After the Altar.

At the reunion, we are celebrating the 2-year anniversary of two couples, Lauren Speed-Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike-Matt Barnett, who got married in the show’s finale. If like me, you haven’t watched Love is Blind, that’s ok – you get a deep input into what happened before and what’s the current status of everyone 2 years later.

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And, oh god, it’s so deep. You know everything in the first episode. I was neck-deep into the drama within the first 15-20 minutes. And, oh boy, is that a lot of drama. Love is Blind: After the Altar is addictive as shit. I had feelings for and against people in the first episode, and that’s even before the cast even met. Netflix does it best when it comes to cooking up drama and After the Altar’s first episode embodies that.

But drama aside, I just felt extremely bad for the women here. It just weirdly feels like they get handed out a shorter hand. Like, Amber’s mother-in-law tells her that Matt gets to have a say regarding when they should have children while her opinion doesn’t matter or Damian inviting Francesca to a party where Giannina will be. Just the overall vibe seems very disrespectful and sad, underneath the glitz and glam.

The women disrespect is just so bad that it will make you angry. Especially because there are a lot of women vs women arguments. It’s just so sad to see and it’s worse because the people who are causing the issues aren’t getting blasted for it.

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Summing up: Love is Blind After the Altar

Love is Blind After the Altar

Love is Blind: After the Altar is very toxic and disrespectful. However, it’s superbly bingeable. So, if you want to know the whole thing but don’t want to watch 10 hours of it, the reunion episodes are a fun watch. But just be prepared to be very angry by the end of it.

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Some random knowledge no one asked for:

Love is Blind After the Altar

You cannot find soulmates in 10 days. Also, you cannot find people who will take all of your weird quirks without knowing you clearly. That’s not how human beings function. It is sad that these people in Reality shows think that you have to find love and get married in this stipulated amount of time or their lives are going to be over. It is also sad that the producers make people go through this and showcase it to the world – as if this quick fix is something that will last a lifetime. It won’t.

Take your time finding love. Know the person well before committing to them. There are other, much horrible, outcomes to falling for and marrying someone whom you don’t know and who doesn’t know you. Give yourself time to know each other before taking drastic measures. And, as always, these things aren’t real. It’s sad that they are called reality television.

Love is Blind: After the Altar is streaming on Netflix.

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Love is Blind After the Altar is toxic and disrespectful but highly bingeable.

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Netflix's Love is Blind After the Altar Review: Bingeable Cringe ContentLove is Blind After the Altar is toxic and disrespectful but highly bingeable.