Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 9 Recap: Lee Young-ae is Stuck

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 9 is 72 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 9 recap contains major spoilers –

Kyung-yi is absolutely pissed when she sees Yi-kyung wearing Je-hui’s scarf. However, Yi-kyung says that she is not interested in her, actually, she wants to talk to Yong Sook, in Inspector Koo episode 9. She tells her that she wants her to back her while she kills people – she hates cleaning up after herself, after all. When Yong Sook asks her why she should help her, she says that it’s because she can ask for anything right then and she will do it for her.

Before anything else can be said though Kyung-yi attacks Yi-kyung and asks her whether she has killed Je-hui. The latter tells her that she hasn’t, but also realizes that she won’t believe her anyway. Thus, Kyung-yi rushes off to find her but not before threatening Yi-kyung saying that she will kill her if Je-hui is dead. Yong Sook asks Mr. Kim to catch Kyung-yi and feels happy to have met Yi-kyung.

Mr. Kim gets a hold of Kyung-yi running down the road and puts her in the trunk of his car in Inspector Koo episode 9. He puts her in a drum, flings one of her shoes off with a golf club and throws her off the mountain. A videogame rendition shows whether Kyung-yi is ok or not… which, honestly, is just so silly. Anyway, Santa and Gyeong-su are worried like crazy for both Je-hui and Kyung-yi and try to track the latter down.

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Meanwhile, Kyung-yi has stopped rolling in the middle of this huge, hollow construction thing which is absolutely scary. She attempts to cross to the other side but is nervous and shaky and is, thus, very much stuck. As Kyung-yi sees an apparition of Je-hui, she notices a ladder and starts to calm down in order to cross the bar.

Yi-kyung is somehow in Phuket and is annoyed to learn that she has to go back after spending just one day holidaying. After coming back, she is dropped off at a huge mansion-like house. However, once inside, she realizes that she cannot go out. Trying to come up with a plan, she starts to parkour her way out of the place by scaling the huge walls and, of course, gets electrocuted and falls right back down.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi is fine although hurt and famished. She tries to scream and tries to get someone’s attention but is unable to do so. After threatening her son at a campaign, Yong Sook goes to meet Yi-kyung and that’s where the former gives her the new target. Although Yi-kyung tells her that it’s impossible to start working without any preparation, Yong Sook isn’t interested to know what she thinks or wants and tells her that Mr. Kim will help her with everything.

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We see Park Du-mok, from Ssangbong-gu, getting up in an elevator where Yi-kyung is already waiting wearing a gas mask and tons of balloons. She chokes him with poisonous fumes in the balloons and asks him who “Rabbit” is – if he tells her, she will let him live. Of course, she lets him die anyway.

Kyung-yi is still stuck inside the dumpster thing where she has resorted to talking to a torn teddy bear. However, before long, she sees stuff falling down which remind her of her old life, but it’s Je-hui’s scarf that finally gives her the reason and motivation to find a way to get out. As she’s just at the top, Je-hui, Gyeong-su and Santa rush over to pull her over.

At home, in Inspector Koo episode 9, Kyung-yi asks Je-hui why Yi-kyung didn’t kill her. Je-hui thinks back and wonders that she was, actually dead and that Yi-kyung had to give her CPR to bring her back. Je-hui then gave her the information she needed about Yong Sook so that she leaves her alone. Back in the present, Kyung-yi tells the group that they should try to find out what Yi-kyung wants and everyone agrees to work with her.

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That’s when Gyeong-su remembers something that he had figured out right before Kyung-yi had gone missing – that Gun-wook and Lee Jun-hyeon shared the same tattoo – that they were in the same juvenile detention centre together at some point.  They find Gun-wook easily as well all thanks to Gyeong-su’s awesome detective work. Gyeong-su gets to work and talks to Dae-ho about Gun-wook. However, he refuses to cooperate with him.

There’s a campaign video here for Seong-tae here which is absolutely wild. Really, there’s nothing else for me to say here about that.

Anyway, Kyung-yi ad and Santa trap Gun-wook and interrogate him about Yi-kyung. After getting to know about Jun-hyeon and the facility, they let him go. However, at Gun-wook’s place that night, the team finds a huge box and inside is sitting a guy wrapped in wrapping paper, leaving them all shocked and speechless.

Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 9

I am sorry, but I am failing to see where this story is even going. At first, there was this mystery and intrigue surrounding Yi-kyung and how she was this mysterious person who did all of these things due to a twisted need for justice. But now, it’s all about Yong Sook and politics and her stupid sons. Sure, there might just be some huge twist later on.

But right now, Inspector Koo is really trying to be quirky and funny yet interesting, but it’s just a lot of quirks that don’t land and a lot of mystery that doesn’t create any sort of intrigue. Today’s episode was the flattest of them all, with nothing really going on and people just being oh-so-funny yet doing nothing to get this series out of its glacial pacing.

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 9, starring Lee Young-ae and Kim Hye-jun, is a flat episode that gives no mystery or thrill.

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Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 9 Recap: Lee Young-ae is StuckInspector Koo episode 9, starring Lee Young-ae and Kim Hye-jun, is a flat episode that gives no mystery or thrill.