Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 5 Recap: Peek-a-Boo!

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 5 is 64 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 5 recap contains major spoilers –

Kyung-yi and Santa are trying to find Je-hui and Gyeong-su and Je-hui is unable to tell her friend that where they are isn’t the sea. Kyung-yi is able to figure out that they must be in a lake somewhere close to where they were previously. Je-hui and Gyeong-su try their level best to find the two, who are now completely submerged and are running out of air.

However, with a bit of teamwork, Kyung-yi is able to find Gyeong-su although Je-hui is still trapped underwater somewhere. Kyung-yi is ecstatic when they are finally able to pull her out. In the hospital in Inspector Koo episode 5, Gyeong-su gets to know that Je-hui is in the OR. That is when Kyung-yi comes in and tries to get every detail from Gyeong-su about what he saw, heard or even smelt the night before – he probably came in contact with K that night and they need to know everything possible.

After some prodding, Gyeong-su finally lets Kyung-yi know what went on last night and rushes out when she comes across a clue. She goes to check out an ATV store and the CCTV footage lets them know whom to go after. They find K’s ATV trashed in some park and talk to the park regulars to get some harrowing evidence. Santa, too, finds her disguise. Kyung-yi finally finds a link between her theories and K.

Kyung-yi instructs Gyeong-su to find out everything about K and while they research, we see K in the police station putting up an amazing act of being innocent. In a flashback, we see K as a child sitting in her car while her father takes her mother out of the car with a gun. After a while, she goes out of the car and we hear gunshots. This is Jeong-yeon’s flashback and we see her being very scared and helpless to find her niece. They do find her a week later from the woods, but she seems to be perfectly fine.

Jeong-yeon talks to her therapist about Yi-kyung’s mental health and she starts a fire at a neighbour’s house. Jeong-yeon is extremely scared for her niece’s mental wellbeing and we see that Yi-kyung probably started the fire to punish the neighbour for cooking some person’s dog or killing them (what the hell). We also get a look into her perceptions towards the world around her which is strikingly problematic.

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Back in the present in Inspector Koo episode 5, Jeong-yeon arrives at the police station to fetch Yi-kyung and Kyung-yi misses her by a few minutes. Jeong-yeon drops her niece off in front of her apartment but she goes off somewhere else. Meanwhile, Gyeong-su and Kyung-yi get to know about Yi-kyung’s involvement in the previous cases.

Meanwhile, we get to see how Gun-wook met Yi-kyung – while trying to murder his father. She does it for him though, “simple” asphyxiation. From then on, their relationship formed, whatever that may be. In the present, Yi-kyung and Gun-wook have a domestic at the place of his work where she tries to strangle him, scaring the crap out of him.

Kyung-yi and Santa get into Yi-kyung’s apartment and are left awestruck as to how beautiful it is. While they are snooping around, Jeong-yeon, too, makes her way to her apartment. In spite of all the snooping though, they are unable to find anything important or interesting. Them introducing themselves to Jeong-yeon is hilarious and the latter is unable to fathom that he is Yi-kyung’s boyfriend. The entire thing is extremely awkward and fantastical.

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After Jeong-yeon leaves due to a private matter, Kyung-yi gets the call that Je-hui has woken up and she gets to the hospital to meet her in Inspector Koo episode 5. They discuss their relationship, work and how Kyung-yi is a loose cannon. It’s a sweet moment, although neither go too deep into their feelings.

Meanwhile, in Inspector Koo episode 5, Yong Sook meets up with Seong-tae and Hyeon-tae and she goes to the monk of the temple to discuss business matters. At the same time, Je-hui tries to follow Yi-kyung before they leave to go meet their grandmother. Yong Sook is also at the airport which is teeming with law enforcement to catch her – even if she changes her appearance, she can’t change her gait or physical appearance.

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Everyone waits with bated breath for Yi-kyung to show up at the airport, along with Jeong-yeon who is unable to get a hold of Yi-kyung. Kyung-yi, while sitting outside, feels something is amiss. Inside, it’s a tense affair and that’s apparent in everyone’s faces. Je-hui and Yong Sook try to understand what is going on, especially when Yi-kyung’s phone comes back online. Unfortunately, though, they are unable to nab her after she successfully throws them off her scent. Yong Sook doesn’t shy away from threatening Je-hui afterwards while Yi-kyung is shocked to know how many people tried to apprehend her at the airport.

Yi-kyung’s celebration is cut short when she sees Kyung-yi looking into the Yi-kyung’s container and they come face-to-face with each other once again.

Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 5

Inspector Koo episode 5’s best part was the airport scene. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the Yi-kyung’s backstory. I am really intrigued to know what happened to her in the forest and how she was able to survive for a week without a scratch. Also, how and why did the incidents that took place in the forest have this effect on her?

Yi-kyung is almost a vigilante, however skewered her outlook might be on the matter. And now that everyone knows that Yi-kyung is after everything, it’ll only be a matter of time before Kyung-yi catches her. It is a drama after all. However, it’s an interesting show, one that will (hopefully) talk about trauma and how it affects people. That’s going to be interesting to watch!

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 5 is interesting and fast-paced and will give birth to million questions!

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Inspector Koo episode 5 is interesting and fast-paced and will give birth to million questions!Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 5 Recap: Peek-a-Boo!