Netflix India Releases Its Slate For February 2022: Looop Lapeta, Inventing Anna and More

Netflix India has just announced its releases for the first two weeks of February 2022 and, it has some exciting new drops and the return of some old gems. From Inventing Anna to Tall Girl 2, the streaming giant seems to have our priorities straight for the upcoming weeks. Let us have a look at what’s releasing on the platform for this month!

What is coming out in February 2022 on Netflix India?

February 1: the line-up seems pretty tight with some big fan favourite names dropping. Raising Dion season 2 is here based on the science fiction book series by Dennis Liu to give us a boost of mystery and superpower. Tom Cruise’s Top Gun, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Body of Lies and Daniel Craig’s Munich are all dropping in too! The Kurt Russell-Halle Berry starter 1996 action thriller Executive Decision will also be available on the streaming site. Meanwhile, the 12th instalment of the Star Trek series- Star Trek Into Darkness will also arrive on February 1st.

February 2: Netflix’s latest documentary film The Tinder Swindler drops on the 2nd which will show the horrors of the modern age’s dating apps. Check out the trailer below.

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February 3: Well, all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fargo fans can rejoice as the upcoming Netflix comedy Murderville promises to give you all the laughs!

February 4: Netflix’s first big Friday of February has some pretty thrilling releases. Tahir Bhasin and Taapsee Pannu starter Loop Lapeta and, the 2019 thriller Escape Room, both have a touch of science fiction in them. However, for the ones who want to enjoy the onset of the weekend, there’s Through My Window, a romantic comedy, that has you covered.

February 6: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 10 drops! The 43rd episode in the franchise, the upcoming episode is titled “Never Give Up” aka “絶対諦めない”.

February 8: Love is Blind reality TV fans can get ready for the brand new series extension! Love is Blind: Japan drops on 8th with the first five episodes in the series.

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February 9: Netflix’s deadliest documentary is back. Catching Killers Season 2 is all set to arrive and, you need to keep your dates empty to watch this insightful documentary.

February 11: Netflix’s another good Friday with some awesome picks. Tall Girl 2 makes its premiere along with some bonus content for Ozark fans, who will be happy to watch Julia Garner in the latest miniseries titled Inventing Anna. However, old is gold and Netflix will not miss out on that idiom because of Tarantino’s epic Once Upon a Time in Hollywood making its way to the OTT platform.

February 12: K-drama fans get ready for Twenty-Five Twenty-One! The upcoming romantic drama is going to span over the years 1998 to 2021 and will cover the lives of five characters who will headline the show.

Check out the Annoucement Post for February 2022 below:

You can browse through Netflix to learn more about all the above-mentioned content and set a reminder for the same.

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