Netflix’s Hubie Halloween Review: True Bravery Is Being Kind

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Hubie Halloween premiered on 7th October 2020. Directed by Steven Brill, the horror-comedy film is written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy, starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, and Ray Liotta alongside other cast members.

Halloween Shenanigans

Hubie Halloween is set in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, where Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) resides and he loves his neighbourhood and would do anything to keep it safe. His neighbors and townsfolk, however, hate him for being him. He proudly carries a sash which has ‘Monitor’ written over it and a thermos that is the ultimate thermos to exist – he stores soup in it, it has a torch, hairdryer, rope and hook, and whatnot!

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Hubie is a kind-hearted man who is bullied by his townsfolk for being who he is but he doesn’t let it set him back! He is in love with a girl and fellow town resident who was in the same class as him. He loves her endlessly since 2nd grade but never confessed, believing that he wasn’t good enough.

Hubie Halloween

Despite being the protector of the town (kind of!), Hubie is skittish and gets scared at the drop of a hat, but man, he is a determined saviour! His skittish nature, however, causes him to complain a lot and he, therefore, gathers for himself a fan (hate) base. Hell breaks loose when an escaped inmate from a local psychiatric hospital enters the town and people freak out about their safety. The question is, will Hubie be able to save his town when it actually needs saving?

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As soon as you start watching Hubie Halloween it’ll take some time for you to get invested in this rather funny and nonsensical story. But once you’re in, you want him to win but with a little less complaining, please! Hubie is a good screamer and his eyes-wide-open screams are the ideal reaction to any prank. It is also hilarious how even a person yelling scares him off!

The film, other than throwing straight-up funny jokes, also manages to induce laughter with really small moments like the Mayor playing games in the fest, Hubie’s mother wearing shirts she got from an adult store for cheap prices and innocent Hubie and his old mother believing that boner means a mistake. From ghost jokes to Hubie dodging things thrown on him like a pro, the film is hilarious for sure if not the perfect horror movie!

Hubie Halloween
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Hubie Halloween is not a terrible movie but instead, balances between being over-the-top funny and being chucklesome and boring. It’s not exactly high on the artsy factor but set in just a town, the movie is shot beautifully as the town is lit with the excitement of Halloween. Everything about the film fits its screenplay, especially the cast, where everyone is no less than brilliant.

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! If you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy-horror movie to watch on family night this Halloween with very little fear and a lot of chuckles, this is the one. The film is no exceptional movie but rather, simple and grounded in a small town with no drama or glory! It might look cliche and weird but is an overall good attempt.

Hubie Halloween is now streaming on Netflix.

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Hubie Halloween is a mixture of all the fun and hilarious Halloween movies you have seen before! Will Hubie save his town? Stream It or Skip It, Read here.

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