Netflix’s How to Be a Cowboy Review: Binge-Worthy Show On Cowboys! 

Netflix has released How to Be a Cowboy Season 1, a series on real-life cowboys in the United States. Someone who is acquainted with the cowboy culture only through Western cinema, it comes as a shock to see that there are people out there whose profession is a cowboy. The six-episode series is based on Dale Brisby, who owns a ranch in Texas. He works along with his brother Leroy and friend, Cheech. Dale also has employed interns Donnie and Jorden and teach them how to be a cowboy and a cowgirl. 

– How to Be a Cowboy review doesn’t contain spoilers –

The first thing that comes to mind while watching this show is that how cool it is to be a cowboy. But then the next thing you think is that it is equally tough to be one. Watching people fall off from the back of the bull or a horse will make you nervous as if it is your turn next. As each episode of  How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 passes, the more you want to watch what happens next. It begins with us being introduced to Dale and his comrades. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes several people to run a ranch. 

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Raging Bull

How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 transmits the message of how hard it is to own a ranch, be a cowboy and teach others how to become one. This can be best understood by Dale handling the maverick bull, which gets auctioned off later. Meanwhile, Dale also runs his business and has a social media presence, which makes it all more interesting. In one of the episodes, Dale rides an ‘Aqua Bull’, a term given by Cheech to a fake bull ridden on water. 

How to Be a Cowboy season 1 Leroy, Dale and Cheech
Netflix's How to Be a Cowboy Review: Binge-Worthy Show On Cowboys!  3

As How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 moves forward, even the viewers get to learn different terminology and words used in the cowboy world. For example, there are three ways to throw a rope on a bull. The first one is called a head loop, the second is a heel shot, and the third is a Houlihan. We see Leroy practice throwing ropes while he and Dale prepare for a cowboy challenge. 

It is quite interesting to see Netflix delving into a more diverse form of entertainment. Rather than producing the same old fictional shows or films, the streaming company has started to create a lot more docudramas. Such series are informative, entertaining and at the same time uses real-life people who are experts in their field. Moreover,  How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 is extremely fun to watch. The continuous banter between Dale, Leroy and Cheech is hilarious. But they are all supportive of each other and Donnie and Jorden. 

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Stream It or Skip It?

The best part about the series (at least for me) was watching Jorden conquer a space that is filled with men. We can see the tremendous growth in Jorden, from the first time she rides a bull on-screen till the end. Dale and Leroy’s sister Dancey comes in like a storm and steals your heart right away. Honestly, I am a fan of her, even though, I don’t know anything about being a cowgirl. Another thing that you can appreciate is that every single person is hardworking and willing to become better and better in what they do, especially Donnie. He might also remind you of Clint Eastwood at times with that rugged cowboy style. 

How to Be a Cowboy season 1 Jorden
Netflix's How to Be a Cowboy Review: Binge-Worthy Show On Cowboys!  4

From the bulls to the horses and the fancy saddles, cowboy hats, belts, boots and vests, everything about How to Be a Cowboy Season 1  is exactly how you would expect it to be. Yet, it is full of surprises. This Netflix series is absolutely worth the watch and even a great show for binge-watching. 

You can watch How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 on Netflix.

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How to Be a Cowboy season 1 is a Netflix series based on real-life cowboy Dale Brisby in Texas.

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