Netflix’s Holidate Review: A Perfect Montage of Rom Com Clichés

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Even though this whole year was one giant (and sad) holiday due to the pandemic, people have not lost their zeal for the holiday season. And to cash on that, Netflix has brought us Holidate, a romantic comedy based on the loneliness people face during this holiday season.

Sloane, a middle-aged woman, finds herself alone in the holiday season and turns bitter towards her family while Jackson, stuck in a similar situation, seems desperate to be with someone. They both randomly meet at a mall and decide to be each other’s holiday date, hence calling it “holidate”. The movie then goes on about the various dates they have over a year and how they eventually develop feelings for each other.

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It would be a huge mistake to say that Netflix has brought us a new rom-com. The appropriate way to describe it would be as a remake of some decade-old rom-com with the beautiful faces of Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. Both of them are, in the true sense, eye candies and that is the only reason people will go on and watch this movie.

New rom com by Netflix Holidate

Holidate is a perfect montage of clichés. It includes every common thing you can imagine like a friends-with-benefits setup, weird families, broken hearts, brief separation over silly things, lots of parties, a big heartwarming gesture and a happy ending.  Although it contains a lot of characters, it never even tries to use their potential to make an interesting story. These characters are just used as fillers between the scenes of lead actors.

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The script is so bad that it doesn’t give the actors a chance to show their emotional range or any acting chops whatsoever. There’s no conflict or tension – it’s just one flat story from start to finish. Nothing about the film is even slightly unpredictable. Additionally, the background music and editing are very flat as well. There is a chance that the people might start using the term “holidate” soon but it seems unlikely, considering the little impact Holidate has on you.

Holidate couple at new year's party

The saddest part of watching Holidate is that it is neither romantic nor is it a comedy. Not one scene in the movie makes you smile or makes you want to dream of being that couple. Netflix rom-coms have the tendency to oversimplify themselves and gives the audience a mess that they did not ask for.

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As individuals, these people are beautiful and attractive, but as a couple, they seriously lack chemistry. At no point do you feel that they truly want to be with each other – the general vibe is that since they had no one, they were stuck with each other. The story has no potential to grip you at any point.

While watching Holidate, your mind is bound to wander into the world of old rom-coms which had the same kind of scenes. It does not stir your emotions or make you relate to the couple in any way because they are, essentially, just refurbished scenes we have already seen. Your brain does not have to use a single cell to understand the movie because it already knows the story.

Overall: Holidate

Holiday season Holidate Movie Review

If you are in a mood to not use your brain at all and just lie back and watch two hot people acting dumb then Holidate is your movie of choice. Since the holiday season is coming up, you can just entertain yourself while decorating your house and playing this movie on the side. It is a perfect choice for passing the time thoughtlessly or if you also feel lonely this year. However, don’t expect anything mind-blowing.

Holidate is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Holidate delivers nothing new or interesting, but the lead pair looks attractive and is a good time-pass movie if you're feeling lonely.

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