Netflix’s Hello Me Episode 8 Recap: Love Triangle

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Hello Me is a South Korean TV series starring Kim Young-kwang, Choi Kang-hee, Eum Moon-seok and Kim Yoo-mi. The series is based on the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-jung. Hello Me episode 8 is directed by Lee Hyeon-Suk.

Hello Me episode 8 recap

To no one’s surprise, there’s a love triangle brewing in Hello Me episode 8. Yu-hyeon is absolutely smitten by Ha-ni and he asks her out to eat. It is evident while they eat together than she is unhappy with her relationship with Anthony. While walking back, Scarlett spies on the two and later presses Ha-ni about her relationship with Yu-hyeon. Although the latter denies it, Scarlett isn’t convinced.

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Again, I am not sure why Scarlett has such a disinterest with Yu-hyeon considering she doesn’t really know her. It might just be her young age, or the fact that she’s insanely self-centred, but whatever be the reason it gets on your nerves to see the teen constantly get her nose into stuff that doesn’t concern her.

On the other hand, in Hello Me episode 8, Ha-ni is all but determined to take part in the office competition and tells Oh Ji-eun that and asks for her permission. This proves that Ha-ni is slowly getting the hang of working at Joa Confectionary and might even indicate that she’ll excel at her workplace in the future. On the other hand, Ha-ni finds a partner in Yu-hyeon to take part in the contest.

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There’s also a bullying angle here, where Scarlett defends her friend So-hye from bullies. But it’s really not that interesting and doesn’t impact the plot much except maybe reminding us that Scarlett is now (almost) totally Ha-ni’s daughter.

Anthony and Ha-ni, too, share a tender moment when she helps him out to not fall into a PR debacle. Ha-ni and Scarlett work for Anthony at a dog shelter and afterwards all of them head out to eat, Yu-hyeon in tow. Once there, Anthony suffers from a stomach upset due to his lactose intolerance and then heads to the bathroom. Later on, the toilet gets clogged which results in the media making fun of Anthony. It is here that Ha-ni takes the blame on herself to clear his name and Anthony thanks her.

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Oh Ji-eun’s story is also going to create some traction since she gets into a little argument with her mother-in-law who is then berated by her son. Later on, Ju-eun’s stomach hurts which I’m guessing is going to play into future episodes somehow.

Hello Me episode 8 feels like it has a little bit of substance and I am interested to see how the love triangle works out, since Yu-hyeon accepts his feeling for Ha-ni to Anthony. However, it’d probably be quite silly to have too many expectations.

Hello Me episode 8 is streaming on Netflix.

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Hello Me episode 8 tries its level best to be somewhat entertaining, but it's still not there. However, there's a love triangle that might just be worth the watch.
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