Netflix’s Hello Me Episode 5 Recap: One Roof

Hello Me is a South Korean TV series starring Kim Young-kwang, Choi Kang-hee, Eum Moon-seok and Kim Yoo-mi. The series is based on the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-jung. Hello Me episode 5 is directed by Lee Hyeon-Suk.

Hello Me episode 5 recap

Hello Me episode 5 starts off with Ha-ni at her new job and, as usual, she encounters a tragedy on the very first day. Someone spills coffee on her that stains her blazer and as a result, she reports late. Her arrival totally shocks Oh Ji-eun, who realises that she knows Ha-ni but is unable to believe her eyes. We see that Ji-eun was Ha-ni’s best friend in high school, but something happened after that that rocked their relationship and made Ji-eun bitter towards her former best friend.

Ha-ni realises that she isn’t a fit for the work and the environment, and decides to get food for everyone to be useful. However, once out, she encounters Han Yu-hyeon, who accidentally spills beans on the ground that Ha-ni trips over. This causes everyone to be annoyed with her because no one had had lunch. However, Yu-hyeon, probably starting to develop feelings for Ha-ni, makes the lunch that she was supposed to get, and saves the day.

Hello Me Episode 5

On the other hand, Scarlett is really on an annoying high throughout Hello Me episode 5. She does not understand the problems of there being two Ha-ni’s in the same timeline and goes out of her way to be an annoyance to Ha-ni. She signs up to work as an extra at a Joa Confectionary ad and comes across Anthony, who is really at an all-time low in his acting career.

However, before this shoot, Scarlett decides to break into Ha-yeong’s house to get some clothes. She’s obviously caught and is taken to the police station, prompting Ha-ni to leave her job and come save her. Ha-yeong is annoyed with her sister, and after accusing her of taking their father away, asks her to never come near her.

Hello Me episode 5 is confusing in terms of tone. The episode goes in different directions even during the serious moments. It’s also a very silly episode tonally and that does not really gel well with the overall theme. Scarlett’s character is extremely annoying, on top of everything. The girl acts like she’s 5, even though she’s 17. Acting like a child all the time makes for really poor characters. However, what I did like was that the episode got all of its principal characters under one roof, Joa Confectionary, which can seriously help create a better rhythm in the subsequent episodes.

Hello Me episode 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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Hello Me episode 5 is all over the place and, unfortunately, fails to leave us laughing.
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