Netflix’s Hello Me Episode 3 Recap: Ha-ni Stands Up for Herself

Hello Me is a South Korean TV series starring Kim Young-kwang, Choi Kang-hee, Eum Moon-seok and Kim Yoo-mi. The series is based on the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-jung. Hello Me episode 3 is directed by Lee Hyeon-Suk.

Hello Me episode 3 recap

Picking up right after the next episode, Hello Me episode 3 has Bahn Ha-ni old and young bickering with each other just like they did from day 1. The two separate after the events of episode 2 and old Ha-ni gets a call from her mother, who asks her to come back home because of her fight with her sister. She, however, refuses.

Both the women wander in the streets and the older Ha-ni finds herself on a bridge where she is picked up by a debt collector who thinks that she is about to commit suicide and thus takes her to the police. After they let her go, she rushes to find the younger Ha-ni and the two reconcile and head out for food. Once at the apartment again, they decide to have separate names and thus, young Ha-ni is named Scarlett.

On the other hand, Yu-Hyeon is getting increasingly desperate about his living situations and future. He goes to his brother and asks him for money. But when that doesn’t work out, he asks for a job. This smart little idea eventually turns into something funny later on. Yu-Hyeon also gives Ha-ni her money back following a funny incident and he realises that he knows Ha-ni from when they were young.

Hello Me episode 3

Later on, Ha-ni and Scarlett try to find a way to understand what’s going on and for them to send Scarlett back home. They are approached by a shady person who seems to know a bit too much about their lives. He agrees to help them and promises them to perform a ritual to send Scarlett back, but only when it rains.

Scarlett’s entry into Ha-ni’s life also turns out to be beneficial for the latter, who decides that she will not let anyone humiliate her. With that in mind, she leaves her job and absolutely insults her boss into oblivion and then stages a protest infront of Joa Confectionary. It turns out to be fruitful and she has a heartwarming chat with the chairman.

However, there’s a shocking surprise waiting for the two back home!

Hello Me episode 3

Hello Me episode 3 is more heartwarming and wins major brownie points for the more serious and dramatic aspects of it. The comedy is still hit and miss, although there were some funny moments. Ha-ni’s interactions with everyone around her is more realistic and believable in this episode, and her standing up for herself feels like a win in all of our books.

Hello Me episode 3 also gives us a company that isn’t a total monster. The chairman and all of the employees seem lovely and are a welcome change from what we see in the media. Yu-Hyeon’s relationship with his father, especially, is quite the charmer and promises love even during the worst of bickering.

The next episode seems like it’s going to have more action and drama on the line as the preview promises and hopefully, there will be more jokes on the way as well.

Hello Me episode 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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Hello Me episode 3 wins for Ha-ni's interactions with everyone around her, but the comedy is still a hit or miss.
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