Netflix’s Haroun Review: A Dose of French Comedy

Directed by Seralf Flares and starring famous French comedian Haroun himself, this is a stand-up comedy at its glory bringing French humour to your living room with a little help from Netflix. This seventy-six minutes long French stand-up comedy is playful yet provocative. We didn’t say that, but Netflix definitely did!

Netflix’s description of says,

In this playfully provocative set, French comedian Haroun examines modern society – and wonders if humans have stopped evolving.

– Haroun’s review does not contain spoilers –

If you are wondering about the identity of this 37-year-old French man then here’s what you need to know! Born in 1984, his first full one-man show Tous complices debuted in 2013 at Toulouse. Sometime in 2017, he also set up an anti-GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) and anti-advertising website: Pasquinade, i.e. satirical writing, with the sole purpose of ‘disconnect’.

Netflix's Haroun Review : A Dose Of French Humor

Netflix brings to you a healthy dose of French humour, one that kind of stays with you – raw and relatable, funny and real, satire that never falters. This prince of humour kept me laughing till my stomach ached.

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Inspired by big names in the French industry like Coluche, Desproges, Les Inconnus and Dummies, Haroun has zero filters and dares to talk about anything and everything! His speciality? to use humour as a weapon of mass reflection!

Netflix’s Haroun is no different. This French comedian is here to talk about everything substantial and relatable, blending life and humour with perfection. His humour is truly funny, a comedy that feels good, hours after the show’s over and the audience have laughed the final laugh.

Netflix's Haroun Review A Dose Of French Humor
Netflix’s Haroun Review A Dose Of French Humor

What I loved most about the show is how fun French comedy actually is. An amateur when it comes to watching international stand-up comedy, this special is surprisingly fresh, bringing satire back to life in the postmodern world.

Summing Up Haroun :

Netflix's Haroun Review A Dose Of French Humor
Netflix’s Haroun Review A Dose Of French Humor

If you are a fan of stand-up comedy and love comedians who are not afraid of taking risks on stage then this comedy special is definitely your show. An hour of fun and fiesta, hold tight because this French prince of humour means business!

Haroun is streaming on Netflix.

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Playful yet provocative, Haroun is a healthy dose of French humor served in the excat

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