Netflix’s Ginny And Georgia Review: Complicated And Dark

Ginny And Georgia is a story about the insane drama that happens in the life of a mother-daughter duo. When the trailer came out, many compared it with Gilmore Girls. Well, the Netflix drama created by Sarah Lampert is a huge complex platter that serves many dishes. It stars Antonia Gentry, Brianne Howey, Felix Mallad, Sara Waisglass, Scott Porter, Mason Temple, Jennifer Robertson and Diesel La Torraca.

Georgia, played by Brianne Howey, a 30-year-old woman, is a mother of a 15-year-old Ginny and a son Austin (Diesel La Torraca), around 8-9 years old. Her first teenage love got her impregnated at the age of 15 and life has been very tough for Georgia. However, she made a big life for herself and made sure her children are not denied any of life’s privileges. Georgia is bold, vivacious, and all the eyes go to her wherever she walks.

Ginny, played by Antonia Gentry, Georgia’s daughter, is a 15-year-old lonely teenage girl who doesn’t like her mom’s lifestyle. She doesn’t like that her mom is not like the mothers of her other classmates, how open she is about sex, relationships, and has been with several men.

As we watch the first episode of Ginny And Georgia we might think that the mother-daughter duo is entirely different from each other. We think it’s a fun and chilling drama showing us how Georgia is amazing and would be a cool mother to her teenage daughter. Well, you are in for a lot of surprises and shocks.

Netflix's Ginny And Georgia Review: Complicated And Dark
A Still From Ginny And Georgia

The story starts with the death of Georgia’s husband, Ginny and Austin’s stepfather. Immediately after the husband’s death, the 30-year-old takes her children to a new place to live – Willsbury. She wants to make a new start for herself and her children where there’s no hint of her past. This isn’t the first time she’s moved to a new place. Hence, her children ask her if they’re going there just for a picnic or they’ll stay longer.

Ginny is a loner has never really had any friends because her mom keeps moving to different places. However, in Willsbury, she makes some good friends. Her life is not dull anymore. She is no more upset about moving to a new place because here she has friends, a boyfriend and people are fond of her.

But this is not Gilmore Girls. Yes, it has a comedic, feel-good tone to it. But as we get to learn more about Georgia and the self-harm habits of Ginny, we realise that Ginny And Georgia is an amalgamation of a twisted tale, crime drama and psychological thriller. It has many layers. So you can’t figure out what tone the Netflix show is really setting. At times, it takes the route of Sex Education when Georgia tries to have a safe sex talk with her daughter Ginny. Sadly, it is not the one anyone wants to have.

Georgia isn’t the cool mother you think she is. She isn’t a bad mother either. Just like any parent, she wants to protect her children. However, when a parent tries to be overprotective they interfere in every big or small incident of their child’s life, their friendships and relationships because they want to protect their offspring from anything bad. But such parents fail to understand that their child feels violated at times. We usually hear cases of parents trying to fulfil their dreams and way of life through their children. Georgia doesn’t realise that under the garb of keeping Ginny safe, she is projecting her past, her mistakes on her daughter by controlling how she lives her life.

But the series is not entirely dark. There are happy and fun moments. It is also a teenage college drama, better than Riverdale. But that also makes it confusing to watch. The makers have tried to put in so much in one show that until the 6-7th episode you don’t understand what’s going on. Every episode of Ginny And Georgia is almost an hour long and so it requires a lot of patience to understand what’s up with Georgia.

Netflix's Ginny And Georgia Review: Complicated And Dark
Brianne Howey as Georgia in Ginny And Georgia

I wish the episodes were not more than 40 minutes. If one plans to binge-watch it and finds out that the series is not providing anything substantial until episode 5, they will give up. The show gets super interesting from episode 7 and it would be unfortunate if viewers don’t wait till the end.

Let’s talk about the performances – Brianne Howey is a delight to watch on the screen as Georgia Miller. She’s acting as Georgia who’s acting as if life’s all good. I wish she was as cool as a mother as the way she dresses up! Antonia Gentry portrays a lost teenager who finds importance in life perfectly. The transition of her character from being a loner to a people’s person is amazing. The supporting cast also does a commendable job.

Is Ginny And Georgia worth watching or not?

Overall, Ginny And Georgia is an engrossing story of a mother-daughter duo who share a complicated equation. The show tells us how honest communication is a must in any family. It tells us how parenting can go wrong if one tries to be overprotective of their child. But the makers have tried to cover many aspects which sometimes makes it frustrating to understand the storyline, especially when the episodes are long. It would’ve worked better if the pace was faster. It gets tedious, but not boring. So if you are okay with giving it 10 hours of your day and waiting till the 7th episode for the thrill to unfold, you should definitely binge it.

The cliffhanger ending has got me impatient for Ginny and Georgia season 2.

Ginny and Georgia is streaming on Netflix.

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Ginny And Georgia is an engrossing story of a mother-daughter duo who share a complicated equation that picks up a little too late.

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Netflix's Ginny And Georgia Review: Complicated And DarkGinny And Georgia is an engrossing story of a mother-daughter duo who share a complicated equation that picks up a little too late.