Netflix’s Fresh Fried and Crispy Review: Get Your Plates Ready!

Fresh Fried and Crispy is a new series that drops right off the oven on your plate and turns out to be an amazing savoury treat for your eyes. It is currently streaming hot and crispy on Netflix with 8 episodes that run not more than 25 minutes each.

Fresh Fried and Crispy is a food show where Daym Drops, the first known fast-food reviewing Youtuber, hunts down the best street food places throughout America.

Fresh Fried and Crispy

The first episode of the series starts off with St. Lewis’s delicacies. Daymon Patterson or Daym Drops, the face of the fried and junk food, reviews every place’s cookeries and declares a winner at the end of the episode.

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Then the next episode is dedicated to Savannah, and then Las Vegas, Baltimore, after that he shifts to San Diego, Denver, Birmingham, and finally Cleveland. He visits every hotspot of the cities and tries their absolute best of the best items. When I was watching it, whenever he took a bite, it was like my mouth was taking a bite with him too.

The best part of this show is that Daym will break down to you every food item and will describe what he liked and what didn’t work for him. You may have watched a lot of food shows and food critics reviewing cuisines on Youtube, trust me on this, Fresh Fried and Crispy is a whole other ball game.

What clicked for me in Fresh Fried and Crispy

Well, before I get to my review, I am just going to say I am in love with Daym because of the way he speaks, the way he savours the dishes and the way he has his moments with his food – it is something extraordinary. So, if you ask me why you should watch this – well, because it’s Daym Drops dropping at the best street foods restaurants!

If you haven’t figured yet, I am a true food lover. So, from the first scene of this series, I was hooked to it.

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It shows fresh seafood items to gold glazed burgers to Crab Colossal Sandwich to street Hakka noodles with Indian spices and many more. And the most unique part is the music score. Every time a pork slab or chicken wing or fish slice goes in the oil the background music and the camera angle got me.

Fresh Fried and Crispy

The episodes are short, crispy, there’s a lot of food items to gawk at, honest reviews from the food critic and then there are quirky, fun elements to look for.

I kid you not, while writing this and thinking about it, my mouth was watering. So what are you waiting for? I am calling out to all food lovers to witness this lip-smacking, drool-worthy food review series. Set down your fork and spoon and gorge into this delicious series that has just been plated hot. Even if you start watching after having your meal, trust me, you will feel hungry at the end of each episode!

Fresh Fried and Crispy is streaming on Netflix.




Fresh Fried and Crispy follows its name to a T. There's a lot that it gives, entertainment and great food being primary.
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