Netflix’s Ava Review: Jessica Chastain’s Latest Is High On Action And Bland On Emotions

Ava premiered on 6th December 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Tate Taylor and written by Matthew Newton, the 97-minutes-long film stars Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Geena Davis, Colin Farrell, Ioan Gruffudd, and Joan Chen alongside other cast members.

She Is An Assassin!

After making its way to theatres and VOD, Ava finally met a wider audience around the globe on Netflix. With Chastain as the lead lady here the stakes were high but for a film with its star cast chosen with perfection, the film surprisingly lacks depth or emotion or anything that’ll make you sympathize with any of the characters.

Ava revolves around assassin Ava Faulkner who asks her target before killing them about what they might have done to deserve this. And this is a big NO in her business, she is supposed to complete her work and leave – no words exchanged or connections built whatsoever with the target. Former addict Ava is trained by a fatherly figure and mentor Duke who knows her, understands her and is protective of her in his own ways.

We are told Ava’s journey from a class valedictorian and bright student to a drunk-driving incident to a drug user to a military person and finally to a killing-machine in the intro with pictures, case-files, and electro-techno soundtrack. As the story progresses, we see her severed ties with her family, her wish to keep them safe, killings and shootings, and more. She left her family 8 years back and hasn’t even seen them since. But upon her return to Boston, she plans on meeting them and it is here that the entire fight-kill-fight-shoot sequence progresses.

Ava 2

Chastain is a talented actress and I adore her skills and everything she stands for but Ava wastes her talent and underdelivers it. The film has a lot of similar elements that it has seemingly borrowed from other action-thrillers of the same kind and if I had to point out something absolutely unique about it, I can’t. Y

ou have no reasons whatsoever to even sympathize with her or her family and this is why there is a lack in the emotional quotient in the film. The film has plentiful of cliches like fighting in a gown, eating alone (because family drama and she is an assassin), a family that hates her and mostly doesn’t even care, every chance of relapse, and a half-baked love story. You know what I’m talking about!

The fight sequences are the only things that carry the film forward but beyond that, it’s just bland. Honestly, I wished the film had a better storyline and character arc for at least one of the characters. There is something innately satisfying to me about women being kickass with nobody standing a chance to pull them down. Ava has the perfect fight sequence, a perfect lady leading the way but the lack of life in this film is uncanny.

Stream It or Skip It

ava 1

SKIP IT! I so wish I could say otherwise! Ava is so profoundly rooted in cliches that there is nothing new that it could possibly offer to you. The film does not carry any emotional value or an assassin-with-a-conscience idea, nothing. It feels like a series of fight sequence montages which needed something in between and therefore got a half-baked story. Lastly, if you decide to watch it, stream it at 1.5x speed and it will still make perfect sense. With the potential of being a praise-worthy movie, the movie shall now be filed under the talent-wasted with serious lack of substance movie department!

Ava is now streaming on Netflix.

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Ava is so profoundly rooted in cliches that there is nothing new that it could possibly offer to you.

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