Netflix’s Ferry Review: Man On A Pointless Mission

Ferry, a Dutch film starring Frank Lammers, Huub Stapel, and Elise Schaap, released on Netflix today. Directed by Cecilia Verheyden, the story is written by Nico Moolenaar and Bart Uytdenhouwen. The duration of the gangster drama is 106 minutes.

The opening shot is of a 10-year-old boy from the streets hiding behind his car from his drunk and physically abusive father. His teenage sister is also hiding behind another car and has a gun. Their mother comes running and tries to explain to her husband that she’s fed up with him and not to harm the kid. The man starts beating his wife. The boy gets angry and takes the gun from his sister, comes out and points it at his father. But the boy fails to shoot his father, who says, “You shouldn’t hold the gun if you don’t know how to shoot”.

The screen turns black, and we are taken to Amsterdam, where a man named Ferry or Fer (Frank Lammers) works for a gangster called Brinks (Huub Stapel). Fer is Brinks’ most loyal man, and the latter treats him like his own son. One day, they are all enjoying a match at one of their secret places when three robbers show up with guns. One of the robbers shoots Brinks’ son, leaving the gangster devastated.

Brinks tells his most loyal man Fer that these men were from the South, and since he used to live there before, he should find and kill them. Fer agrees to bring his boss’ son to justice, starts working on his mission, and heads South. He makes a stop at his sister’s place, and they don’t share a good rapport. When he reaches South, he meets a girl named Danielle (Elise Schaap), with whom he forms a romantic bond. It’s no surprise that somehow Danielle is connected to the person/people who were behind the robbery. So who are these people? Well, you find out quickly.

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Ferry Review

There’s nothing much I can tell about the story in my Ferry review. The execution has failed the suspense factor, and I figured out the person responsible for the robbery even before the murder happened. The screenplay seems confusing as the writers have presented a gangster revenge drama and a love story. Unfortunately, it is neither a good gangster drama nor an exciting love story.

Netflix film Ferry is a victim of poor writing, poor story, weak character and feeble mission. Usually, in gangster movies/shows, fight scenes or murder scenes leave you astounded. But here, the man just kills someone and takes no effort to clear the evidence of hiding the body. The murders get reported in the newspaper; people see Fer staying in their town out of nowhere. But the cops don’t care to investigate anything about this stranger in their town.

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Netflix’s Ferry review

Ferry: Is it worth watching?

Unfortunately, I cannot pick up anything interesting to praise in my Ferry review. It is not an enjoyable film. it must have sounded intriguing on paper. But there is nothing that keeps one hooked to the story.

Ferry is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Ferry is not an enjoyable film but just sounds intriguing on paper. There's nothing that will keep you hooked to the story.


  1. Are you even aware this movie is a prequel to a TV-series (‘undercover’)? Watch at least the first season and then review this film again.

  2. I fully agree with this review. Only Dutch reviews are positive. Without any critical point they make themselves unbelievable.

  3. Amen ; Ferry was a very disappointing movie indeed … also it is very suspicious that on IMDB many Dutch reviews are similar in content and very positive!Needs to be investigated …

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