Netflix’s Eden Review: Heartfelt with a Beautiful Message

Eden review has spoilers –

Eden was released on Netflix yesterday, May 27, 2021. Eden is an anime mini-series. Yasuhiro Irie directs Eden, and Kimiko Ueno has written it. Eden is mainly based on the imaginative plot of what happens if humans are entirely eradicated from the world, and artificially intelligent robots inhabit the earth. Though with a twist that not all humans are dead, and 2 of the robots find a small human kid. It might sound like a naïve plot for some, but it does make us feel the importance of our life and planet and what can happen if we don’t take care of it.

Story of Eden

Eden‘s story starts with an imaginative plot of the future, where it’s been 1000 years since humans have been completely eradicated from the world. Instead, we can see a whole new population of artificially intelligent robots living a peaceful and healthy life on a land full of nature.

Suddenly, two robots, among them called A37 and E92, find a human child from a tiny capsule one day. They completely freak out seeing this as they have always been taught that humans are dangerous and should report to the head in case of any dangerous objects. But the innocence and serenity of the child Sara make them change their minds, and they decide to leave Eden 3 and settle in a place called Vicinity. Here some robots have the same mindset as A37 and E92 that humans are not dangerous.

The story moves on, and Sara grows up to be a fiercely independent girl. But soon, she finds out that someone needs help in Eden 3, the place her robot parents had escaped. So Sara, after taking permission from her fellow mates, decides to go to Eden 3 to search for the voice she had heard. There she finds out the voice was not a human but from an AI of Eden 1. It said that 35,000 humans were in cryogenic sleep for so many years and will die if a human does not search for their activation passwords, and so it wanted her help to find out the password as she was a human.


Along with this, the AI also tells her that another human is not asleep like her, called Dr Fields. Like any other story, even here we have a villain called Zero, the head robot of Eden 3. He thinks that humans possess a threat to robots and so wants to kill Sara. Moving further somehow, Sara manages to escape when Zero tries to catch her. She then meets her robot parents there and vows to find both the password and Dr Fields.

What happens to Sara after that? Does she find out about the Password? Who is Dr Fields, where is he, and why is he alive? Does Zero win, or does Sara manage to accomplish her mission? To know the answers to these questions and more, you need to watch the show.

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Overview of Eden

The robot parents of baby Sara in Eden.

Eden is a light-hearted anime and manages to entertain us. It also manages to create suspense till the end, which means the script is good enough. Also, the innocence and simplicity of the plot make it a heartful watch. But the climax is predictable and disappoints us. Though, two things fascinated us the most – one is the concept of robots raising a human kid in the imaginary world of robots. The other is the lesson thought by this series that we should protect our earth if we want to live. You will know it better when you watch the series.

The portions where the robots raise Sara are the most exciting and funny parts of the series, yet they are only a handful. We wish the makers had kept more of it. Also, the scene where Sara’s parents are reprogrammed is very emotional. The characters of the series are good, but the action sequences disappoint us. Also, robotic language can be difficult to understand by some people, but you won’t have any problem once you are into it. Overall, Eden is entertaining and keeps you hooked till the end.

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Stream it or Skip it

Stream it! Eden is a light-hearted series that touches your heart and keeps you thoroughly entertained throughout, although it’s a one-time watch for me.

Eden is now streaming on Netflix.

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Eden is a light-hearted anime series with a beautiful message of environmental protection.

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