Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover Review: Unoriginal but Stylish

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Dream Home Makeover is a half-an-hour-long six-episode Reality TV series that stars Syd and Shea McGee who renovate the homes of whoever needs their services.

I think my fingers wouldn’t be enough to count the huge number of home makeover shows that Netflix pushes out almost every month. It’s all about taking a room or an entire house and totally changing every aspect of it to make it squeaky clean and shining. That’s where Dream Home Makeover comes in. It’s easy to watch – both on the eyes and brain. You don’t think much about it and the sparkling new homes that the designers create can be quite a relaxing experience to go through.

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Shea and Syd McGee created Studio McGee after Shea realised her love and talent for interior designing. While the former tends to the creative side of the business, husband Syd is the CEO… and that’s about it. Shea does most of the work that unfolds before our eyes, and we also get incidents that are taking place at their own home with their two daughters. Dream Home Makeover shows us interviews with the couples whose homes are being renovated, along with the McGees. However, we don’t get to see too much of the process of the renovation – rather, it’s more about how Shea envisions the space to be and her plans.

Dream Home Makeover

The two sides of the stories criss-cross each other. On one side we get to see something that’s taking place in the McGee’s personal lives like them renovating their own home or their youngest cutting her hair off. On the other hand, we learn of the client’s story as well and (partly) see how the renovation takes place.

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However, Dream Home Makeover does literally nothing new. We have seen this show in lots of different places – the pattern, narrative, interviews, and even the squealing are the same. It’s just the same thing recycled in another shiny new package but with a different set of renovators. Also, the dialogues seem so forced, and most of the clients seem to be so uncomfortable with the filming process.

Dream Home Makeover

Shea and Syd seem nice, friendly and a part of the package but then that’s it. it’s a show that we have seen at least a thousand times before. Also, the designs, although beautiful, don’t seem to be anything new since, again, it follows the same pattern in one way or another. It’s all pretty, but also forgettable. Shea reminds you in almost three of its six half-an-hour episodes that small budget renovations really challenge her creativity and she loves it.

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And Dream Home Makeover inconsistently has these 3D texts on the screen which are so annoying. There are sweeping overhead drone shots aplenty as well that wants to add to the drama (?) but really doesn’t intrigue or excite you since, well, it has happened in oh-so-many shows before this one. The production quality, however, is beautiful which makes the show look appealing.

Summing up: Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover is your average home makeover show that you will find on Netflix around every possible corner. It’s a generic couple-fixing-homes show that’s unoriginal and great to veg out infront of the TV to. If you’re looking for something light and easy on the brain after a long day, this wouldn’t be a terrible option. It’s not horrible or anything, it’s just not new or innovative.

Dream Home Makeover is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Dream Home Makeover is a generic home-makeover show that does nothing innovate but is perfect to veg-out in front of.
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