Netflix’s Dogs Season 2 Review: Poignant Docuseries on Dogs

After a successful first season, Netflix released Dogs season 2 showering us with four new episodes on our canine friends. Dogs Season 2 follows the same docuseries form as it did in the first one. The series has standalone episodes covering the lives of various dogs and their relationships with humans. 

In Dog season 2, we are shown the lives of Trip the bulldog who is the mascot of Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team, Rhodesian Ridgebacks who go on a road trip with their human, a stray puppy, and a lot of stray dogs. This adoring series garnered love and appreciation from dog lovers across the globe. Dogs season 2 takes us on a journey of showing dogs from different countries and with people who have different lifestyles. Each episode is as good as the next and emotional as well. 

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Trip the Bulldog 

The first episode of Dogs season 2, Much Ado About Blue is about a bulldog named Trio who is the mascot of Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team of Butler University in Indiana. Trip is a loving member of the team and the whole school. Everyone knows him and takes a chance to pet him whenever they can. 

Dogs season 2 Trip the bulldog

However, as he grows old, he reaches the age of retirement while his longtime handler goes through a risky surgery. Trip is not just a dog for the students of that University – he has become a symbol of support and motivation. The first episode of Dogs season 2 can make you cry if you tear up easily. 

Zorro and Roux

The next forty-four minutes of the second episode of Dogs season 2, A Space for Dog, is on the lives of a former astronaut Leland Melvin and his two adorable Rhodesian Ridgebacks Zorro and Roux. Leland loves his dogs so much so that he sneaked them into the photo studio while getting his official portrait taken before going on a mission. 

Dogs season 2 Zorro and Roux

Leland tells us that being with Zorro and Roux gives him more stability in life while they love him unconditionally. This is something that almost all of us who have dogs can understand. Episode two of Dogs season 2 is a fine depiction of dogs being a human’s best friends. The three friends hit the road on an emotional trip to honor Lelanld’s deceased friends and crew of space shuttle Columbia. 

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Jetson the Stray Puppy 

The third episode of Dogs season 2, It Takes a Village is about an Air Force veteran Tara who rescues a stray puppy named Jet from Iraq to the U.S. with the help of dog lovers across borders. Tara already has two dogs named Sydney Ray and Daisy May. But as she says that she has no self-control around dogs, she willfully volunteers to adopt Jet. 

Dogs season 2 Jetson

In this episode, we are shown the incredible journey of taking Jet out of Iraq to his new home. We are also shown the brave effort of those who rescued the grey ball of fluff from the dusty roads of the country. It is astonishing to see people who go out of their way to help animals, and this series documents it admirably. 

Rescue Mission

The final episode of Dogs season 2, The Protectors, is filled with so many cute dog faces which will melt your heart. This episode tells us about the life of Father Joao, a Brazillian priest, whose abiding passion for unwanted stray dogs helps in inspiring a grassroots network that is devoted to findings homes for the dogs. Through the compassion and empathy that people have, the feeling of humanity being restored is unavoidable. With one dog at a time, Father Joao and a lot of other people find a suitable home for the unwanted strays. 

Dogs season 2 Father Joao

Dogs season 2 on Netflix is not just a show on dogs. It covers the lives of the dogs with their humans. It shows us the two-way relationship each human has with the dogs. How the dogs help heal them while loving them unconditionally. At the same time, Dogs season 2 also shows the different lives everyone lives. From a dog handler in Indiana to a former astronaut and dog rescuers across the borders in the U.S., Iraq, and Brazil. Dogs season 2 is just as adorable and sentimental as the first instalment of the series. If you are a dog lover then you are in for a ride. 

You can watch Dogs season 2 on Netflix

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