Netflix’s Dogs in Space Review: Doggos on a Mission to Save Humanity

Dogs in Space is a 10-episode animated Netflix show created by Jeremiah Cortez. The voice actors include Haley Joel Osment, Sarah Chalke, Kimiko Glenn, Chris Parnell, David Lopez, William Jackson Harper, Debra Wilson, JP Karliak, John DiMaggio, Michael Dorn, Rena Strober and VyVy Nguyen. Ray Giron has composed the theme song.

The synopsis reads, “Fetch — a new planet for us all! With Earth in danger, desperate scientists send genetically enhanced dogs into space to find a new world to call home.”

Dogs in Space is exactly what the title means. In the cartoon series, humans send a few dogs in space to find a new planet in the future. These human scientists genetically advanced dogs can walk on two feet, talk, have a thumb and do everything like people. Dogs being dogs, they’re loyal to their hoomans’ mission, no matter what.

In the series, Garbage, the dog Captain of the M-Bark ship, tries his best to carry off the mission. Despite their attempts, they don’t succeed instantly to find a new planet. However, Garbage sees a planet that doesn’t show up on their radar scan and yet decides to take a visit. He is adamant about finding out if it’s suitable for human beings to live or not. Not everyone is supportive of his mission. So will the dogs succeed in finding a new home for humans? You’ll find out.

In their mission to find a new shelter for humans, these doggos learn how selfish people can get sometimes. Yet, they are ready to do anything for humanity. From standing up against the mean dogs to fighting deadly aliens, they’re ready to face everything. Do we really deserve these beautiful puppers? I don’t think so. Humans can never give dogs the same dedication and loyalty.

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Netflix’s Dogs in Space is made for children, and it’s made that way. The dogs are cute, the language and humour are clean and quite silly. The animation is extraordinary and I’ve shared a few stills so that you can see some of it. Along with Garbage, the other dogs who feature are Nomi (Kimiko Glenn), Stella (Sarah Chalke), Kira (Debra Wilson) and ED (Chris Parnell). Garbage is an absolute star, but NOMI has my heart. In an interview, creator Jeremiah Cortez revealed that the series features some of his and the cast and crew’s dogs.

Netflix’s Dogs in Space Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, watching these awwdorable doggos embark on a mission to save humanity is a delight. It’s a good series for kids to enjoy with their parents. There are lots of dogs in a space adventure which is quite fascinating for people of all ages.

The pooches will always be loyal to their human friends, no matter what. It’s a proof that humans are lucky to have dogs in their lives!

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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Dogs in Space Review: In the animated Netflix series, genetically enhanced dogs try to find a new planet to save humans.

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Netflix's Dogs in Space Review: Doggos on a Mission to Save HumanityDogs in Space Review: In the animated Netflix series, genetically enhanced dogs try to find a new planet to save humans.