Netflix’s Deadly Illusions Review: Teen Nanny, Sex, Trauma, And Familiar Storyline!

Deadly Illusions premiered on 18th March 2021 on Netflix. Directed by Anna Elizabeth James, the film stars Kristin Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Shanola Hampton, and Greer Grammer alongside other cast members.

Fallen from Grace?

Deadly Illusions, in its first look, is an appealing film. It has the right amount of suspense, few intimate scenes here and there, and more. It seems like a perfect package in its trailer. But watching up close there are various factors in the film that’ll push you away from the storyline as the film ends.

Deadly Illusions revolves around the life of a famous writer Mary who is looking out to write another book in her thriller series which seems to be a hit. Mother of two, Mary is married to Tom and everything is all cherries and butterflies. But soon after, Mary’s publisher offers her a whopping amount of $2 million asking her to write the final part of the series which she put a rest to long back. Struggling with her writer blocks with a house and family to take care of, Mary is suggested by her best friend Elaine to hire a nanny from a top-notch fancy agency.

Soon after Mary meets Grace, who is perfect in every possible way. She is caring, she reads, she is considerate, and everything else! Mary then uses her as a path to her book completion indirectly seeking refuge in her in order to write. But it’s only a matter of time as Mary starts experiencing elaborate sexual fantasies about Grace which seems real and she confides in Elaine. But when she approaches Grace and says they can’t do it ever again, Grace doesn’t seem to have any idea about what Mary is talking about. Marking Mary’s dreams/hallucinations as something so real and inescapable!

As the film continues we follow Mary and Grace as their relationship builds into something with a train wreck realization that Grace’s portrayed reality is too good to be true and moreover, is laden with lies.

Deadly Illusions
Netflix's Deadly Illusions Review: Teen Nanny, Sex, Trauma, And Familiar Storyline! 4

Deadly Illusions features a lot of familiar moments. If you have seen the 2009 film Orphan you’ll find a similarity in the way the last twist is revealed. There are numerous sex and skin moments in the film which at points take away the entire thriller vibe of the storyline. For the most part, there is an uncalled-for sexual tension between Mary and Grace and you spend a significant amount of time wondering ok, but why? Some sequences are half baked and issues of concern are left on the tip with no proper rise or fall in action!

There are so many other things that are wrong with the film adding more and more loopholes here like no one knows how old Grace is and nobody even background checked her, the agency took the payment but never exactly contacted Mary when they couldn’t deliver; we can scarcely tell what Mary’s new novel is about nor how it connects to all the hallucinations and what’s her trigger for all this; and why exactly does Mary smoke cigars like a chimney while she writes, often writing in longhand – does it say something about her? We just don’t know!

If I were to add up things from scene one to the finale, I’ll find the entire picture going nuts and out of sync. For a thriller that takes into account sexual suppression, trauma, mental disorders, and more such powerful chaos points, Deadly Illusions offers justice to none. The film features a good cast, yes, but it is underutilized and most importantly trapped in a weak storyline. Deadly Illusions tries so hard to be dramatic that it gets sleepy and hilarious at points.

Stream It or Skip It

  • Deadly Illusions
  • Deadly Illusions

SKIP IT! Deadly Illusions is actually a deadly illusion of an amazing thriller. The film has so little to offer that you will keep on looking or substance in the film while it just goes on and goes with sex and skin and unexplained moments throughout! The film’s ending is open to interpretations as the film never offers a structured answer to the conflict it posts!

Deadly Illusions is now streaming on Netflix.

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Deadly Illusions, as a thriller, fails to leave a mark and is laden with loopholes and flaws!

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