Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Review: Unfunny

A sitcom called Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! starring Jamie Foxx in the lead role, released on Netflix on Wednesday. The actor is back on the small screen after a long sabbatical, and he chose comedy. Directed by Ken Whittingham and created by Jamie and Jim Patterson, the show also stars David Alan Grier, Sasha Dixon, Porscha Coleman, Johnny Williams and Stacy Collins. Is the show worth your time? Read our full review to know the same.

It’s a story about Sasha Dixon (Kyla-Drew) and her father, Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx). After her mother’s death, Sasha goes to Georgia to live with her father, a cosmetics brand owner. Brian lives with his father, Pops Dixon (David Alan Grier) and sister Chelsea Dixon (Porscha Coleman). Brian has a white cop friend named Johnny Williams (Jonathan Kite), who is almost like a family member to the Dixons.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! starts with Sasha and Brian having a therapy session where the therapist thinks they are a couple! Yes, you read it right. That was the first hint that the show is going to be silly and nonsensical. The father-daughter duo discusses the issues they have with each other and how they can’t get along. Brian says he cannot figure out his daughter, and Sasha feels her dad is an embarrassment for various reasons.

In the rest of the sitcom, we see what leads to Sasha Dixon always saying the line – Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! or Dad, you are an embarrassment. While Sasha is finding it hard to deal with her father’s way of living life and how everyone in the family is, Brian acts like an overprotective father who doesn’t understand what is going on with Sasha. He even has a ‘No Boys’ rules for Sasha and ends up in fights and creates a scene with the guy she’s dating.

Dad stop embarrassing me
A still from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! reminds you of those typical 90s sitcoms. The characters talk loudly, there’s a laughter track, and some characters are added only for mockery. Jamie Foxx and Kyla-Drew’s Brian and Sasha also break the fourth wall. Despite all of this, the show is not funny and jokes don’t land at all. You know how teenagers today don’t understand Friends sitcom’s hype because they find it unfunny with an annoying laughter track playing after every 2-3 minutes? I understood their point while I was watching the Netflix show.

I wonder what made Jamie Foxx bring the show to life and make it his comeback project on the small screen. But in the sitcom, he is enjoying himself as Brian and plays three other characters – Rev. Sweet Tee, Cadillac Calvin, and Rusty. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! sadly embarrasses itself because it doesn’t have the sitcom charm that can make you laugh your heart out, despite having the typical sitcom setting. It feels sad because Foxx has put his heart and soul into every character he plays. After all, the characters are hilariously bizarre.

Dad stop embarrassing me review
A still from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! trailer

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!: Is it worth it?

Overall, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! isn’t the popcorn-munch sitcom that will give you good laughs or comfort you. There are other Jamie Foxx movies you can enjoy where his impeccable talent isn’t wasted.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! isn't the popcorn-munch sitcom that will give you good laughs or comfort you.

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