Netflix’s Crazy About Her Review: Cheesy and Heartwarming

Crazy About Her is a romantic-comedy movie directed by Dani de la Orden and written by Natalia Durán and Eric Navarro. The movie stars Susana Abaitua, Álvaro Cervantes and Luis Zahera, along with other cast members.

Crazy About Her’s protagonist, Adri, is that guy who thinks he knows everything about life because he’s had it easy. You know, that guy who thinks that telling people to think happy thoughts will disperse any serious mental health issue that they might have. We follow this cocky and unimpressive guy for a pretty long time, unfortunately, but hey, atleast he gets a character arc.

Okay, the above paragraph might just make it seem like I am super unimpressed with the movie – which isn’t particularly true. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a super new concept and the ending office scene gave me serious The Proposal vibes, but there’s something very charming and carefree about Crazy About Her that makes it extremely enjoyable.

Crazy About Her follows Adri, who, after a wild and entertaining one-night stand with Carla, decides to find her and live happily ever after. However, when he finds out the truth about her, he has to do more than profess his feelings to win her affections.

Crazy About Her

The movie is a fun ride, there’s no denying that. The story is entertaining, the pacing is good enough and it’s light-hearted enough for you to enjoy on a lazy afternoon. As I had started this review off by talking about Adri, he really is annoying as heck at first. He’s extremely cocky and thinks he knows everything and knows what’s best for others around him. However, I liked the fact that the movie gave him an arc where he goes from this know-it-all to someone who’s more understanding of other people’s problems and realises that what he preached was filled with prejudice.

Crazy About Her’s main theme is mental health, with most of the movie taking place in a psychiatric health facility. The movie does not try to portray that mental health is something that can be solved only with love and good wishes and does talk about the fact that there’s more that goes into it than meets the eye. I thought the ending was good as well, although being able to sneak out of a mental health facility multiple times really does make me question whether charging $2,000 per month is worth it or not. The movie does not really delve into the mental health theme much and is mostly superficial, but doesn’t try to shamelessly exploit it either.

The cast, especially the lead pair, are great in Crazy About Her. Their acting is believable and their characters are pretty great too. No one’s overtly annoying (well, except Adri maybe) and everyone has their own story that gives you a lot of angles to dive into. There are some scenes that are super heartwarming and will put a smile on your face. It’s extremely cheesy and corny at times, but hey, I like my cheese fix sometimes.

Summing up: Crazy About Her

Crazy About Her

Crazy About Her is a romantic movie that is enjoyable with not too much melodrama. The story is interesting, the pacing is good and the actors do a good job. Although I’d like to ask which psychiatric facility has such lax security, I guess movies like to play these things up. It’s a satisfying watch if you’re into a cheesy movie that gives you hope and a little heartbreak and is peppered with sweet and hopeful moments to keep your spirits up.

I loved the camaraderie between Carla and her friends and Saul’s character, as well as Luis Zahera’s acting, are pretty touching. It’s not a movie that will drive you to tears at any point, but you’ll find yourself smiling through most of it.

Crazy About Her is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Crazy About Her is a satisfyingly cheesy romantic-comedy that is fun, entertaining and easy-breezy.
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