Netflix’s Country Ever After Review: A Feel-Good Family Story with Love and Faith

Country Ever After premiered on 6th November 2020 on Netflix. The 12-episodes-long show revolves around the life of country singer Coffey Anderson, wife Criscilla and their 3 kids.

Love, Faith, Strength, and Family!

Adorable and beautiful are two words that’ll cross your mind throughout the series. Country Ever After revolves around country singer Coffey Anderson and his wife Criscilla as they tackle the highs and lows of their lives. The series starts with Anderson’s video which gained over 50 million views in which he askes her wife what is Y-E-S, she says ‘yes’ but when he asks her what is E-Y-E-S she says ‘E-Yes’ instead of ‘Eyes’. The content people signed up for it seems.

Coffey is a country artist and Criscilla is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer. They are different in terms of their profession and race but united by love. Married for 10 years and blessed with 3 beautiful kids, life has not always been rainbows for the Andersons. At the time Country Ever After started filming, Criscilla was battling cancer. Completing chemotherapy to fight Stage 3 colon cancer, although the Andersons tackled the situation with faith and strength, telling their children about their mother’s disease was the hardest thing to do.

Country Ever After Netflix
Netflix's Country Ever After Review: A Feel-Good Family Story with Love and Faith 4

The entire series is filled with instances that’ll make you feel proud of Coffey and Criscilla, both as individuals and parents. Criscilla is a warrior and Coffey is the best support system she could ask for. All the while, they make their family stronger than ever, teaching their kids the value of family and wealth and not treating them as blindly privileged kids of a renowned country singer and a talented choreographer.

One of the significant aspects of the series is Coffey and Criscilla’s religious identity and belonging. It is not rubbed on viewers’ faces but is shown in such a way that you embrace their religion rather than finding them extremist and blinded by faith. The Andersons, like any other family, live with honesty and love and don’t aim at idealizing themselves as someone of very high stature. Them being down to earth is one of the most touching and loveable things about them.

Country Ever After Netflix
Netflix's Country Ever After Review: A Feel-Good Family Story with Love and Faith 5

Two instances that, in particular, made me have more respect for the Andersons are, first, when their son asks for $300 for an X-Box and, instead of giving in to his whims, they help him set up a lemonade stand to teach him the importance and value of money. The other instance is where Coffey and Criscilla hire all 30 dancers for his music video when he needed only 4 just so they all get a head-start and have something nice to add to their resume. Kind and loveable.

Summing up, Country Ever After is not KUWTK and neither does it aim to be anything like that. The show has its own ideology and a different, considerate and beautiful world altogether. The idea of watching a family being their true self might sound boring but once you enter their world, it’s not glitz and glam but filled with love and compassion.

Stream It or Skip It

Country Ever After Netflix
Netflix's Country Ever After Review: A Feel-Good Family Story with Love and Faith 6

STREAM IT! Country Ever After is exactly the show you need to watch while you sit at home and think about the trials and tribulations we all are going through. The series is light-hearted and will bring smiles on your face with small moments every now and you will find yourself saying aww a lot of time!

Country Ever After is now streaming on Netflix.

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Country Ever After revolves around the life of Country Singer Coffey Anderson and wife Criscilla as they sail through the trials and tribulations of life. Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.

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