Netflix’s Colin In Black And White Review: The Voice Of Suppression And Intolerance

Colin in Black And White is a biographical docuseries based on the life of Colin Kaepernick, a civil rights activist and an erstwhile footballer starring Colin Kaepernick, Jaden Michael and Nick Offerman. It is currently streaming on Netflix with a run time of 28 to 35 minutes per episode with audio in English.

Netflix describes Colin in Black And White as:

”Colin Kaepernick narrates this drama series recounting his formative years navigating race, class and culture while aspiring for greatness”.

Colin in Black And White review does not contain spoilers –

Colin Kaepernick is a renowned personality who fights for equal civil and political rights for everyone and has also been a part of the National Football League during his teens. Colin In Black And White is a social, cultural, and biographical documentary series that tells about Colin’s struggle with racism from childhood till adulthood. He was the victim of cultural conflicts and was often criticized for being a black kid among white Americans. This biography showcases his confrontation with injustice and standing out among the whites.

As the life events are shown, Colin comes and shares his feelings and perspectives on each event he encountered. Being a bright kid he always wanted to achieve success and never considered himself less than anyone. It highlights a teenager’s trauma when subjected to inferiority even though he is talented. The never giving up attitude also goes parallel with the storyline and beautifully portrays that if one has it in them then they must bring it out. 

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The harsh reality of life is also shown where one’s confidence can shatter a little when there is a realization that talent and hard work are not enough to make it up to the top. The other concept that lies within the story is that of the treatment of white Americans towards their adopted son. Colin is adopted by white Americans who are very caring towards him but their treatment sometimes is hurtful and biased.

Even though they have adopted a Black boy with their own wish they tend to make certain remarks which make him realize that he is a Black kid after all. Colin is trapped in his own house and attains peace when he enters a black people’s settlement. Colin is also criticized by his fellow white college mates when he tries to woo a girl. He is constantly subjected to racist remarks which embarrass him. The series containing 6 episodes starts with an issue or struggle that Colin has to face in every step he takes.

Colin In Black And White
Image Credit: A still from Colin In Black & White trailer

There is a desire and a wish to have everything in life be it popularity, love, acceptance, and relationship which white people get easily and Black people have to struggle through it. Overall, Colin in Black And White is a good venture at showing racism and social setbacks. Jaden Michael looks sweet as teen Colin who has played his part beautifully and looks exactly like his younger version.

The series gives an idea to the viewers that it is a personal memoir and the narrator Colin Kaepernick takes the liberty to express his perspectives and visions and the trials that eventually benefited him.

Colin in Black And White is streaming now on Netflix.

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Colin In Black And White gives a liberal and educative approach towards life by breaking the shackles of racism and carving out a niche.

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