Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special (2021) Review: Endearing and Hilarious

We hope that you will enjoy Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special. It was entertaining and had a great premise if you can consider getting hammered on the start of the peak-drinking season to be an “intense” start to the holidays.

Hopefully, this will become an annual tradition in Germany and continue to grow in popularity. If it keeps producing these quality specials, we are sure more people will appreciate them.

– Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special review does not contain spoilers –

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special is a hilarious carousel of slapstick comedy

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special is a pleasant, family-friendly show with helpful advice for anyone who struggles with the Christmas season. On top of that, it’s just plain funny and entertaining, helping you wash away the holiday blues while still appreciating the true meaning of the season.

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special

Carolin Kebekus is at her best when she allows herself to get a little dark and edgy when it comes down to it. Funny and heartwarming, the show had me in stitches from the get-go. Not only that, but it was very informative on German Christmas traditions, which I have to confess I was a little bit clueless about before watching.

She is at her most authentic and entertaining when she lets loose and shares some of her holiday pain with us—and that should be something that we look forward to.

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Don’t miss out on the cultural observations made by Carolin Kebekus

Despite this, Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special is a humorous and insightful parody of the holiday season. Do yourself a favour, and tune in for this lighthearted show streaming on Netflix from 08th December.

Overall, Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special is a hilarious and sometimes heartwarming show that does a fine job of reflecting how we deal with the stress of the holiday season. Anyone who has ever had to deal with holiday shopping, family gatherings, and friends in between will find plenty of laughs in this short sixty-five-minute special.

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special

Kebekus comes across as likeable and relatable. Plus, she tells it like it is. So it’s no surprise that her final TV show was a winner. It focuses on what we all think and feels as we get swept up in the holiday spirit. Not only was this funny, but it was pretty deep. It also got right to the season’s source with presents and food taking centre stage.

It’s an honest, no-holds-barred look at the holiday season, and in my opinion, that can be more valuable than many more well-thought-out shows.

Carolin Kebekus serves a fine reprieve from the stress that comes with holiday season

All in all, Carolin Kebekus is a hilarious and endearing character, and her show was well worth watching. It wasn’t overly cynical or mean-spirited, and that’s what made it so entertaining. The show highlighted the beautiful aspects of Christmas while still refraining from celebrating the season unquestioningly.

Carolin is an effortlessly absurd concoction of situational comedy, pseudo-feminist manifestos, and self-deprecation. Regardless of whether you specifically celebrate Christmas or not, I think we can all agree that the period of December from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is a pretty stressful time.

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special

In addition to the usual pressures that any time of year has, we also have to contend with wrapping up the previous year and looking forward to the new one. So really, whether you choose to embrace it or not, December is basically a four-week long holiday season that runs through all your plans.

Internationally acclaimed German comedian Carolin Kebekus manages to make tackling the holiday season seem endearing and funny rather than a chore. She also sprinkles in her signature brand of edgy naughtiness, from bouts of nudity to outrageous sexual escapades, as well as some perfectly executed celebrity impressions just for good measure.

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Carolin Kebekus portrays Christmas traditions with holiday-specific gags

As Carolin comes to the end of her list, there is a realization that the Christmas season is not all it seems. Relationships fall apart, yet we continue with rituals. Carolin and her audience are funny and endearing as they sing along to classic Christmas carols and as they delve deeper into the meaning of the season. Yet, it is ultimately up to the viewer to decide which path to pursue in Carolin’s last song; should you make your life an entertaining series of opportunities or do you stay true to old routines?

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special offers a highly entertaining and insightful stroll down memory lane as it discusses the latest trends in this time-honoured holiday tradition. Carolin Kebekus herself perfectly captures the personality of her celebrity interviewees’ character and does so with witty humour that will appeal to most audiences. As it stands, Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special is a delightful television program.

Stream It or Skip It?

For those interested in German television, I wholeheartedly recommend The Last Christmas Special. It’s funny and clever and wonderfully captures the Christmas spirit (with a healthy dose of cynicism). In short, it’s a great way to end the year.

Carolin Kebekus Last Christmas Special is streaming on Netflix.

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Carolin Kebekus' The Last Christmas Special is a humorous and insightful parody of the holiday season.


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Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special (2021) Review: Endearing and HilariousCarolin Kebekus' The Last Christmas Special is a humorous and insightful parody of the holiday season.