Netflix’s Canine Intervention Review: Doggos Everywhere!

Canine Intervention is a 6-episode-long docuseries directed by Elise Duran. The show stars dog whisperer Jas Leverette.

Dogs – we all love them. Adorable, lovable animals who will literally do it all for you. But hey, dogs are their own individual beings and it’s obvious that they will have their own temperaments and lifestyles. However, that’s not what Netflix’s new docuseries Canine Intervention is about. Sure, it’s about dogs, but it’s more so about their humans and building that bond of trust and camaraderie.

Jas Leverette is a dog trainer unlike any other. While most people, and shows, will focus on training just the dog, Leverette focuses more on training the human. He talks about us understanding the dog’s perspective, making them feel safe and secure as well as giving them clear goals. It’s an emotionally satisfying 6 episodes that’s an absolute delight to watch. Also, there are dogs everywhere – what else can you want?

Canine Intervention
Netflix’s Canine Intervention Review: Doggos Everywhere! 4

Throughout the 6 episodes, Leverette talks to people from various walks of life with dogs who are equally different. They all have their own needs and problems and the trainer helps his clients understand what the dogs need to coexist better. We not only learn about the dogs and their problems but also about what problems these people are facing. This gives a clear insight into why the families are having problems with their canine friends and exactly how to solve them.

Canine Intervention is an excellent show that can give anyone a slight idea about how to be better equipped to handle a dog that just refuses to listen. More often than not, it’s about the people handling them. Dogs are pack animals, as Leverette keeps on repeating, and thus we have to lead the pack or else they will lead you.

Canine Intervention
Netflix’s Canine Intervention Review: Doggos Everywhere! 5

Apart from the tips and tricks, Canine Intervention is filled to the brim with extremely cute and adorable doggos who are a boon to watch. If you’re having a bad day, this series will come as a blessing in your life and will give you good vibes all around. The show never tries to picture the cuties in a bad light – it never really is their fault, obviously. From big dogs to light balls of fluff – you will find atleast one dog that will steal your heart. Also, who wouldn’t fall in love with those eyes?! Absolutely adorable!

Apart from cute dogs and their humans, Leverette also focuses on his life in Canine Intervention. These instances do not become the focus of the show but are still sweet and heart touching. He talks about his rough childhood, his friends, his mother and we see his relationship with his pregnant wife. Excited to meet his son in 30 days, we see a different side of the dog trainer during these moments. It’s vulnerable and, unlike other shows of the genre, does not feel like a cheap publicity stunt.

Summing up: Canine Intervention

Canine Intervention
Netflix’s Canine Intervention Review: Doggos Everywhere! 6

Canine Intervention is an absolute must-watch if you’re in the mood for some reality TV but without the cheap theatrics. Yes, okay, it’s a docuseries, but there’s a feeling of familiarity and easiness to the series that you will be able to get hooked on instantly. The show is easy on the eyes and the heart and the dogs, really, steal the show. What else do you need for your next binge-fest?

However, warning: I am not a dog trainer in any shape or form and I cannot vouch for the methods that he employs to discipline the dogs and their humans.

Canine Intervention is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Canine Intervention is an extremely watchable and binge-worthy docuseries that features lots of doggos being good boys!

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