Netflix’s Camellia Sisters Review: A Story Laden With Lies and Emotions

Camellia Sisters premiered on 10th June 2021 on Netflix. Directed by Bao Nhan and Namcito, the 116 minutes long film stars Le Khanh, Kaity Nguyen, Hong Van, Khuong Le, Hoang Dung, Anh Dung, Si Nguyen, and Huyng Kien An alongside other cast members.

The Camellia Sisters

The Vietnamese film Camellia Sisters revolves around 3 sisters of the Ly family- Ly Le Han, Ly Le Hong, and Ly Linh. While everything seems perfect on the outside for the family, internally there is emotional damage and deceit. Camellia Sisters shows the interpersonal conflict of the Ly sisters not just as women belonging to the set novelty class but also as women in contemporary society and their sufferings.

As soon as Camellia Sisters starts you might find various similar story elements here but what makes this a beautiful movie overall is its cast and execution of a plotline that has been seen before. The 3 sisters here played by Le Khanh, Kaity Nguyen, and Hong Van set three different personalities. While Han is the eldest – stubborn, smart, and cunning; Hong is naive and loving; and Linh is young, business-oriented and strong-headed. One of the strongest scenes in the film is when Han has a breakdown in front of her mirror. While there are no dialogues here the scene will still make you feel the despair the character is facing.

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Camellia Sisters
Netflix's Camellia Sisters Review: A Story Laden With Lies and Emotions 3

Furthermore, in a scene where Linh confronts Han about everything she now knows about the family, there is so much power and emotions that you cannot help but yet again feel bad for a character you have no connection with whatsoever. That can be attributed to praiseworthy performance and beautifully written and impactful dialogues. Additionally, the setting of the film adds to the entire idea of novelty, deceit, and grief. Camellia Sisters is set in a beautiful mansion i.e, Camille Estate which speaks a lot of the cultural background too.

The costumes and hair design for the actors in the film also bring a sense of splendour and voyeurism about the lavish lifestyle of the characters and what is at stake if everything is lost. The secrets of the Camellia Sisters, curious situations and inferences in the film are revealed easily by the characters themselves in order to be able to continue to develop the story. While it may feel humbling at times, Camellia Sisters is a good drama film to watch.

Stream It or Skip It

Camellia Sisters
Netflix's Camellia Sisters Review: A Story Laden With Lies and Emotions 4

STREAM IT! Though there are a lot of predictable factors in Camellia Sisters, it still offers a fine time and acts as a mirror to the plight of women in some scenes and it’s good. Also, I really liked the chemistry between Linh and Jonathan, I ship.

Camellia Sisters is streaming now on Netflix.




Camellia Sisters is one of those drama films that doesn't offer a lot on the surface but is intricately made in terms of its characters and more.

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